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Bird’s eye view – and a very ugly fish

When I go to Bologna I always stay at the Hotel Drapperie. It is reasonably priced, comfortable and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. Best of all it is in Via Drapperie, one of the market streets in Bologna. It is my favourite part of the city.

My room this time was directly above the market  and I was awake bright and early to watch the day begin at the fish market below.

it is still dark when they start work


placing the fish on beds of ice

finding the right spot

checking his work

2 large, fairly ugly fish appear- there is worse to come

the table is filling up

set up for the day

the first sale - one of the ugly fish - I hope it tastes better than it looks

Down on the ground, I love the way these fish look in their trays. They look like little works of art. It seems a shame that someone is going to buy them and take them home to eat.


they look very fresh

little orange fish

these were quite big

some of these were still wriggling


such beautiful colours

a mixed box




Here is what you have been waiting for – the very ugly fish, although I’m sure his mother loved him.

this fish was huge - it would put you off going swimming

it is called rana - frog fish

I've never see anything like it

The huge fish didn’t last long at the market, somebody took it home. It is wearing some kind of nappy, probably just as well.  I can’t imagine how you would cook a fish like this.


clean up time

Most Italians shop at supermarkets. I hope enough people keep shopping in these wonderful street markets, it would be a shame to lose them. I will rent an apartment in Bologna one day, so I can buy here everyday. The hotel also offers a small apartment not far away.

Hotel:  Via Drapperie 5,   phone 051 223955



  1. Great photos-that fish is amazing! Thank you for the advice on the hotel-it looks like a real find.

    • It is a great little hotel in a perfect location.

  2. Loved the description of the fish market and thanks for the details of the hotel. It looks really good. May try it soon. Thanks again

    • I’m sure you will like the hotel and the market is wonderful.

  3. Great pictures!! Definitively inspired me to go more often to the markets. I find the fascinating.

    • I love visiting the food markets in Italian towns.

  4. What a fabulously fishy post! Love it!

  5. I was entranced by those fishy photos. I love fish markets! Thank you 😀

    • What about that big one??? It was incredible.

  6. Look at all those fish! Thanks for getting up extra early to take these photos for us! We don’t see anything like that here – as you know, our fishmarkets are all set up in little shops, with glassed and refrigerated cabinets. How lovely to be able to walk amongst boxes of fresh fish and see them up close before making your selection…

    • It is so much fun to wander around these markets. I just love it.

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  8. Love fish markets and the different varieties available.

    • I love the Bologna markets. It is great fun to wander looking at all the fabulous things.

  9. How terrific. Thanks for sharing. Ugly indeed! Maybe you could find a recipe for it.

    • I wouldn’t know where to start.

  10. There’s something about fish markets, isn’t there? We have to visit one in every town we go to.

    • Have you been to the one in Venice? It is great. I was freshly pressed a little while ago for the Bologna tower climb – what fun.

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    • How does this work? There is no reference to my site on your page.

  12. Those fish photos are so good Debra….and that nappy wearing one, what an odd looking fella.
    I really hope these kind of markets don’t disappear as well. Shopping at the supermarket with your styrofoam and plastic wrapped food is not quite the same.

    • Isn’t that huge fish incredible? I can’t believe it was whisked off so quickly.

  13. Oh, a fish lovers paradise! Beautiful!

    • Amazing, isn’t it? I love Bologna.

  14. OMG, you right… it’s really ugly, the ugliest I’ve ever seen… I think we don’t have such a fish like that… I am wondering how the taste… LOL

    anyway, It’s common fish here in image 3371… we call: Ikan mas, mean: Golden Fish… because of the golden scales..

    • I’m sure its mother loved it, despite its looks.

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