Posted by: debrakolkka | February 16, 2011

Aliens are among us

There is an alarming world wide trend for women to turn themselves into aliens. Nobody wants to look old and tired, but what gives women the idea that stretched skin and puffed up lips look better than a few wrinkles?  There is a frightening number of women here in Italy, and other places I have been in Europe, who look as if they have just flown in from another galaxy. Almost every day I see something that makes me look away in horror – or worse, stare transfixed.

I’m all for trying to look your best, but these procedures are just not working. A little nip and tuck might be the go, but the emphasis here is on the word little.  Some don’t know where to stop. And what’s with the puffed up lips???  They look as though somebody has got at them with a bicycle pump.  How do they perform the usual tasks expected of lips? It looks downright painful.

Why do women feel the need to do this? Do they look in the mirror and hate what they see?  Whom do they want to please?  Is it their friends?  Do their husbands send them off, hoping they will come home looking like teenagers? I doubt very much that men are involved in these decisions. They seem happy to let themselves droop gracefully, although you do see the odd gent here who has had “work”.

Let’s hope it’s just a phase. I would have taken photos, but I don’t want to put you off your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I know this is not a usual post for me, but I saw several aliens today and I needed a little rant – don’t get me started on leggings worn as outer wear, instead of undergarments, as they were intended. I will be back to normal in a moment.


  1. Quite right, BdL.

    I take great pride in my graceful droop and work on it daily with an intake of coffee and alcohol, combined with hours of slouching over a computer keyboard.

    • I’ve got a pretty good droop going as well – and the odd wrinkle.

  2. well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great post. I want to be natural. Yes, they do look like aliens.

    • Me too. I think you just have to enjoy life and not worry too much about the odd wrinkle – better than looking wierd.

  4. I am so glad that my clients don’t go for that look, I agree it’s horrifying to look at them. Sad to think that they believe they look better that way!!!! Living life in moderation, there is a dossage for everything before it becomes poison. Even water will kill you if you drink too much. So a little wine good food and lots of laughter with good friends will keep us looking good and happy.

    • Laughter lines are good.

  5. Yay! Well said. There are lots of these aliens in Milan too. SCAAAARY. They make Baby Jane look good. So glad you said all this…

    • I don’t see how they think they look better.

  6. Our media is obsessed with body hair at the moment, apparently the thing is to remove every offending wisp everywhere and then adorn yourself with stick on jewellry..vajazzling…my new word for the week (did I want to know that, I’m not sure…) at least your aliens have their leggings on! The good thing about eating lots of good food and not being skinny is that it keeps the wrinkles naturally at bay! xx

    • I don’t understand the hairless thing at all. The thought of a Brazilian makes me wince – and what about the back, sa.. and cra..? Good grief.

  7. Hahhaahhah… I love somehow women when they just woke up from a nap… 😀 naturally beautiful… 🙂

    • How nice of you to say so.

  8. I pretend to live in the world when Marilyn Monroe curves where “in”, eating more than salad at lunch was expected, and dressing up was the norm…I love my laugh lines…proof I’m having fun.

    • There is nothing wrong with curves.

  9. I’m still chuckling at Joanna’s comment 🙂
    Imagine all the much more exciting things they could have done with that money.

    • Yes, it seems a horrible waste of money. Thre are so many other things to do with it.

  10. If this is about botox, then that’s horrible! yes, I prefer my girl to have wrinkles than having a “faked” look.

    Just watch the movie “just Go With It” starring Adam Sandler. it was horrible and funny.. haha..

    but hey, women does not need lacerations or painful processes just to look young. There’s a new technology that does it naturally. It’s called AgeLoc. An anti-aging approach called Epigenetics. Most of you are familiar with this, I am sure.

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