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Winter at the Devil’s Bridge

I go past this bridge every time I head out of Bagni di Lucca towards Lucca – and back.  It looks amazing at any time of the the year, in any weather, day or night.


Devil's Bridge

beside the bridge

the biggest arch

the reflection is good when the river is still

it is a beautiful bridge

looking down from the top

Click here to see the Devil’s Bridge in spring and learn a bit more about it and here to see it just a few weeks later.


  1. Thanks for this new post on the Devil’s bridge – love it- felt I was right back on the bus going to Lucca and marvelling at the magnificent structure with all its history and mystery.
    I am coming back to walk over it again with you later in the year. Though must admit it looks even prettier in the springtime.



    • It does look pretty in the spring, but I love the dramatic winter look as well.

  2. What astonishing photos, Deb!

    • It is an amazing bridge. There are a couple of smaller ones around here in a similar style.

  3. Beautiful. I’d love to walk across it. Must be fun when iced over.

    • The river moves quite quickly most of the time. When we have had a lot of rain it turns in to a raging torrent. We have wonderful morning storms sometimes. I love to stand at the window and watch it unfold.

  4. That reflection is beautiful! 😮

  5. I love the stories of how it was constructed. So old. How many feet has that little bridge seen over the hundreds of years….ahh, if only cobble stones could talk.

    • I stil find it incredible that I can walk across a bridge that has been there for about 800 years. What is really amazing is that this road was used by people walking and riding horses from France to Rome. It is hard to imagine the hardships they endured along the way – with no nice hot shower at the end of the day.

  6. When I travelled in Italy, I was amazed at the old bridges and aqueducts. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to think that they could already build structures like that so long ago.

    Thanks for providing the link to the spring photos. Interesting how the green vegetation reflects in the water.

  7. I hope I get to see this bridge on my upcoming trip. I think we may go by here when we go up into the Garfagnana to see a cheesemaker.

    • The bridge is near Borgo a Mozzano, which is on the way to the Garfagnana. You shouldn’t miss it.

  8. Aaahhh Deb. I love when you take me on walks around your bridges.

  9. I love this bridge and the beautiful photos, a glimpse into the past with that exquisite arch in the middle. Have you read the Damiano stories by R A Macavoy which are set in medieval Italy? fantasy writing, your bridge looks like it stepped out of those to me 🙂

    • I haven’t read those stories – I will look for them – thank you.

  10. What an incredible curve! And those reflections are great.

    • It is a beautiful bridge. I love it.

  11. […] here to see the bridge in winter, or here for more fabulous spring photos and here to see a huge flag […]

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  13. […] Enjoy these pictures from Debra, a frequent visitor here: One, two, and three. […]

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