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Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville is famous for its isolation, the Birdsville Pub and the annual Birdsville races.  The town sits between the sands of the Simpson Desert and Sturt’s Stony Desert, and the Birdsville Track stretches to the south.  It was originally called Diamantina Crossing in 1881, but the name was changed to Birsdville in 1885.  Birdsville is a long way from everywhere, 1,600 kilometres west of Brisbane for a start.

The population of the town is usually a couple of hundred people, but this grows to a few thousand at the time of the Birdsville races.  They had to be cancelled this year because of the floodwaters.  This is a very rare occurrance.

We stayed the night at the Birdsville Hotel on our trip around the South Australian Channel country and Lake Eyre.  We couldn’t miss the chance to stay at one of Queensland’s iconic towns.  We stayed at the Birdsville Hotel – it was great.  Take a look at some memorable moments.

inside the pub

part of the pub's hat collection

the old Royal Hotel

just as well it doesn't rain much

gorgeous gum tree

a great wall

a long way from everywhere

rough country

expecting more rain

a mud bird's nest

incredible bule sky

the billabong near town

galahs having dinner

The one on the right is really tucking in! 

the remains of a drinking session

the artesian bore head and cooling ponds

  • it's probably not used much


I had always imagined that saltbush would actually be a bush, but it is a low growing weedlike plant.   Cattle would not survive here without it.

quite a collection

I've always wanted long legs

flying the flag

Birdsville racetrack from the air

the Queensland/ South Australian border

That line across the landscape is the border between Queensland and South Australia.  I wonder who put it there.

It is no surprise that so many people make their way to this remote part of Australia.  It is truly amazing.


  1. GREAT photos – really love your long legs one! You’ve picked out some interesting quirky things. I’m a bush girl at heart, believe it or not!

    • Thank you. There was so much to photograph on our recent trip. I have trouble choosing which ones to post.

  2. I love travelling to these kind of places. Wow!

    • You and Adriano would love central Australia.

  3. You have selected a wonderful series of photos here to tell your tale – I am so enjoying your blog and these travelogues 🙂

    • Thank you, I have fun doing the posts. I love my new camera.

  4. Ahh so this is the famous Birdsville of the Birdsville track! Love that gum tree capture-the white is so striking!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the great photos-I really know almost nothing about all the various areas of Australia.

  6. Debra you make me want to pack my bags and don my hat straight away. Now I just have to choose between outback Australia and Italia.
    Imagine standing in the old Royal Hotel and going back in time. I think I would have to pause a second there. If walls could talk…

    • Outback Australia and Italy couldn’t be more different. A day or 2 in Birdsville etc is plenty – I could spend a month in Florence alone and not see everything I want to.

  7. I know this would be better suited to an email, but do you mind if I ask what WordPress theme you’re using for this website? With the right changes (colors, banners, etc.) it would be perfect for my blog.

    • The theme is Ocean Mist. I am quite happy with the way the blog is going. I tried sending you an email, but it would not go through.

  8. Awesome write-up! This is a enormously informative blog that you have.

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