Posted by: debrakolkka | December 9, 2010

Delightful ducks

I came across this mother duck with her babies in the Adelaide gardens.  They are too cute not to share.

If you look closely at the mother duck’s eye, you can see that I was getting too close to her babies.

There was also this amazing looking plant nearby.


  1. Cute

  2. That is one crazy looking plant….I wonder what it is? The yellow one behind is a Scaevola….but the other one….who knows?

  3. Oh yes I think you did get a little close for that mother duck. Cute pics 🙂

  4. Love ducks! She’s a cracker – I think she was just waiting to see your next move and whether you had any nibbles in your pocket for her and her babies and I love the yellow plant – would look great as a Christmas decoration 😉

    • I love ducks too. We have a little colony on our river in Ponte a Serraglio. There is a post called Ducks and a goose with pictures of our duck family.

  5. Gorgeous! How cute are they!

  6. Awww lil duckies!! Sooooo cute! 😀 Sorry I’ve gone all mushy 😛

  7. Protecting mama! Very cute fuzzy little things they are.

  8. These ducks are lovely, soo cute, and yes the mother has that look, don’t get closer or I’ll jump on you…

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