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Friends in Germany

Having a place in Italy makes it so much easier to visit friends in Europe.  A very good Australian friend of mine moved to Germany 10 years ago and now we are practically neighbours.  Last week I took the overnight train from Florence to Munich and changed to the local train for Erlangen where she was waiting to meet me.

the beautiful village of Marloffstein

My friend lives in Marloffstein, one of those beautiful fairytale villages that dot the countryside in southern Germany.  From the window of the train you can see dozens of these perfectly laid out towns surrounded by manicures farm plots.  I can imagine Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood skipping out from behind a tree.

my guide Alkira by the old well

in the village of Marloffstein

The village is on a low hill and I think it remarkable that it is so rustic.  The houses look like town houses, but there are working farms on the edge .of the town and many driveways sport a tractor.  Most of the houses have a vegetable garden of some kind and several have goats or cows in residence.

a Marloffstein garden

They were just as interested in us

the path to Erlangen

harvest time

an honesty box in front of a house

drying the corn

food for the animals

room to play

home grown apples

an early morning sky

It is a wonderful place to live.  The children have clean, safe open areas to play in and in winter the  slopes turn into snowy slides for toboggan, and lucky me, I get to visit.

a pretty window in my friend’s house


  1. What a pretty town! Now I understand why those childhood fairytale pictures resemble those villages. I love the flowers by the window and the interesting embroidered curtains.

  2. You know that your pretty much living my ideal life right? You tempting devil-ress you 😉
    Wonderful to be able to live the best of all worlds huh.

  3. what beautiful pictures of the countryside! I wish we were closer to things-we are so remote!

    • We are distant but had so much natural beauty in our backyard that we seem to studiously ignore as it is destroyed in the name of $. This is a human built environment and yes, delightful to experience notwithstanding the penchant for planting up and down the hills. One thing I have noted in my travel in Europe is the paucity of bird life by comparison to Australia. However, we are assiduously working towards eliminating them.

      But yes, great photos and an excellent blog.

  4. What a beautiful area of Germany Debra. Glad you had a good visit with your friends

  5. Oh i so agree …. after spending 2 months in germany and many of its regions they do seem to live such an idilic life…. have a good visit..

  6. This place looks great!

  7. Really lovely photos-what a beautiful place to visit. I love the photo of the garden with the cabbages.

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  10. […] year I went to visit my friend in Marloffstein in southern Germany. I saw beautiful Erlangen and wonderful Wurzburg and had a day in Regensburg. […]

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