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Wonderful Wurzburg

I had 2 delightful guides in the form of Mike and Anita to show me the sights of Wurzburg.


Mike and Anita


Wurzburg is the capital of lower Franconia and one of the lovliest Baroque cities in Germany.  It is in the valley of the Main River and surrounded by vine covered hills which looked magnificent on a beautiful autumn day.


Wurzburg and vineyards


90% of the city was destroyed just before the end of WWII.  The raid only lasted 20 minutes but caused immense damage.  Luckily for us almost every structure has been lovingly restored.

We had lunch at an excellent restaurant beside the river and wandered along the banks afterwards.


on the bank of the Main River



‘Old Kranken’



the old bridge



keeping watch from the bridge


The World Heritage listed Wurzburg Residence is incredibly  beautiful.  The gardens are glorious and put on an excellent autumn show for us.  The residence itself is open to visitors for a small fee – and you must do this.  Unfortunately photos are not allowed inside or I would be able to show you the detailed restoration of the elaborate rooms and exquisite art and sculpture.  A dramatic staircase leads upstairs to huge rooms beautifully decorated and filled with art, but the rooms themselves are the treasures.


Wurzburg Residence



the gardens of the Residence 



and again



in the garden



more garden



how lovely!



autumn colour



Isn’t it gorgeous?


As well as the gardens of the residence Wurzburg has beautiful parks I was itching to walk through.  The winding paths were inviting me to walk in and admire the autumn trees.

Keeping watch over Wurzburg is the Fortress Festung Marienburg.  It is just what you imagine a medieval fortress to look like.  I can see Robin Hood and Maid Marion to feel quite at home here – except that it is Germany and not England.  It would make a great film set.


the entrance to the fortress



the edge of the fortress



in the courtyard


Rapunzel has obviously just stepped out for a beer and a pretzel.


Rapunzel’s tower



Rapunzel was not very tall



late afternoon



leaving the fortress


Thank you Anita and Mike for a perfect Wurzburg day.


  1. Its beautiful Deb Thank you


  2. Thanks Deb., I’m always excited where your showing off each post…, never been to beautiful Wurzburg, so this ones a treat.

  3. Great place to visit! You are a great gadabout teaching us about wonderful places to visit. It looks at though you had a lovely time.

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