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An afternoon in Rome

My Brisbane neighbours were in Rome when I was on my way through to Bagni di Lucca and very kindly invited me to stay with them for the night.  They had an apartment off Via Babuino – a great street in the centre of Rome.

the view from the balcony

across the Roman roof tops

and again

We set off to explore some of Rome we had not seen before and revisit some old favourites.  We went to an ancient church, Santo Stefano Rotondo,  where the walls were covered in gruesome depictions of ways to kill people.  They were quite inventive, in a nasty way.

inside the church

Would you like to be boiled alive?

Or perhaps have your breasts cut off?

Or - a personal favourite - skewered through the neck

The most amazing thing is that the subjects all looked pretty pleased about the whole thing.

Waiting for the wedding

On a happier note, we came upon a church where the guests were gathering for a wedding.

the street beside the church

a typical Roman scene

This is where the Vestal Virgins hung out

Near the Vittorio Emanuelle building is and old colluseum.  It must have sat here for quite some time when a clever person decided it would be a good idea to turn it into a apartments.  Here is the result.

the colluseum

Please note the windows at the top.

side view with the apartments visible

What a great front yard

a nearby wall

The next door neighbours

Flying the Italian flag

Piazza di Spagna

La Barca - the fountain in front of the Spanish Steps

detail of the fountain

Late afternoon from the apartment balcony

a bit later


  1. As always, love your photos & adventures.

  2. Amazing – those paintings of torture!!
    One of the things I LOVE about Rome is the trees – their shape – beautiful..
    Great photos.

  3. Great photos Deb-I love Rome!

  4. Great photo’s once again Deb, quite wonderful. Looking at those gruesome pictures it makes you super glad you only die once….

    • Yes, once would be enough!

  5. I’m heading to Rome with my son in two weeks. I’m looking forward to following in your footsteps. Thanks for the great travel ideas.

    • Have a great time in Rome. Look for San Crispino gelato near the Trevi Fountain and near Piazza Navona and have a liquorice gelato for me. The best coffee in Rome is supposed to be at Cafe S. Eustachio in the Piazza S. Eustachio behind the Pantheon. There may be a queue but it will be worth it.

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