Posted by: debrakolkka | September 27, 2010

Late summer Helsinki

There are so many beautiful things to see in Helsinki when the sun shines.  Here are some of them.

the flowers outside the station

church steeples

afternoon in the park

mermaids in the park

late afternoon in the gardens

in the park

playing in the park

signs of autumn

number 4

the naked workers

coffee kiosk in the park

a great door

late summer flowers


  1. Ciao Debra & Liz, We are staying in a mountain village above Bagni di Lucca until October 6, 2010. We would love to meet you but I do not think either of you are still in Bagni di Lucca. However, if you are still here let us know.

    A presto, Wilma Lange

  2. ah… these pictures remind me of some so, so, so good memories from Helsinki!
    i would love to walk to these streets again one day.

    thank u!!


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