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the tiny harbour of Portofino

Portofino is only about 2 hours drive from our village of Bagni di Lucca.  It is one of the places we keep going back to simply because it is gorgeous.  It is possible to drive to the edge of the tiny town and park in the underground carpark.  We have only tried this in the off season.  I suspect it would be impossible to get there in the summer.  It would probably be better to go to Santa Margherita Ligure and take a bus (which leaves from outside the Santa Margherita station)or a boat or walk along the winding road.  This is a bit scary, but the views make it worth the trouble.  However you get there, I’m sure you will love it.

Who could argue with this sign on the road between Portofino and Santa Margherita?

the view from the road to Portofino - I would love this boat!

I would also like this house

Portofino is the most exclusive harbour in Italy.  The tiny harbour is filled with luxury yachts and lined with pretty shops and  restaurants.  Take a walk up the hill behind the town to find the church of San Giorgio, said to contain the relics of the dragon slayer.  The views from there are spectacular.

the view from above

the rhinoceros in the park

a lovely old church in Portofino

Take the time to have a delicious seafood meal from one of the many restaurants beside the water.  It won’t be a bargain price, but it is sure to be good.


  1. Beautiful pictures Debra – can hardly wait to see Portifino again in September.


    • September is a perfect month to visit Italy – it is not too hot and some of the tourists have left. You will have a great time.

  2. We went there in a summer period and used the car park you refer to. I just wanted to be on one of those boats

    • I didn’t think it would be possible to get into that car park in summer. It was crowded in early spring.

  3. Deb, this is one of my favourites of your blogs – a special place – I always put Portifino in my Top Ten beautiful places in the world- and your pictures capture it very well.
    Think the Splendido one of the most picture postcard perfect hotels in the world. Don’t you?

    thanks for sharing

    Dianne Cant

  4. Hi Debra, beautiful photos….
    Just a comment re the transport. June DW came to stay with us when we were there one visit. She arrived by train at S Margherita, we just walked from the station down to the water and caught the ferry straight into the pier at Portofino. Easy and gorgeous views of course. Giorgio Armani’s yacht Mariu was mooring along side us in that stunning harbour. Just read recently, it was sold for 20 million Euro and is now available for charter. Guess he bought another one!? Warmest regards, Colette

    • Hi Collette,
      Thank you for the transport tips. We have always driven to Portofino, but I have walked on the extremely narrow footpath between Portofino and Santa Margherita and it is a fun thing to do. I have been on the ferries along the coast. It really is the best way to see the gorgeous coastline.

  5. *sigh* What a beautiful vista! I’m so enjoying your posts as I’ve never been to Italy before!

    • Hi Lorraine,
      As a food writer (a very good one) you absolutely have to go to Italy!! You will love it. Come when I am there and I will take you to my favorite places.

  6. We didn’t have time for Portofino in our last trip. Next time we’re back, we’ll have to go there!

  7. Waw so beautiufl!!!
    The building on the water remind of Mykonos, the part that is called little Venice.
    Beautiful Debra, you are so lucky to visit all those beautiful places!

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