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Ron Mueck Exhibition at GoMA

I have just been to the Ron Mueck exhibition.  It is wonderful!!  If you live in Brisbane or can get here, you have to go to GoMA to see it before it finishes on 1st August.

These pieces are incredible in their perfection.  I had to keep my arms folded to prevent my hands from touching them. They will make you want to reach out to see how they feel.  The skin, the hair, the eyes – it is as if they are alive.  The hands and feet are particularly lifelike.  You will be amazed!!

In bed

Wild Man

A girl

Still life

Mask 11

close up of Mask 11

close up of Mask 11

from the side

Ron Mueck was born in Melbourne in 1958 and grew up in a creative family.  He began his career as a puppetmaker, working in movies and the advertising industry.  He began making sculptures “for their own sake” and gained recognition with his sculpture “Dead Dad”  which appeared in Sensation: Young British artists from the Saatchi Collection. It opened at London’s Royal Acadamy of Arts in 1997.  Since then he has continued to amaze with his lifelike figurative sculptures.

Some are tiny and others are huge and quite confronting, but all are exquisite.  Go soon.  Don’t miss the room where you can see how he creates his work.


  1. We saw this a couple of weeks ago and it is truly amazing. I loved the old women.

    • I agree, they were all fabulous, but you could almost hear the nasty diatribe of those two little old ladies. Right down to their little old woollen coats and sensible shoes, very confronting the whole exhibition. Really amazing!

      GoMA continues to thrill too. Brisbane has the honour of housing a Valentino Retrospective, his last 49 years in fashion, until November 14th. It is also incredible to think that every garment has been hand-sewn Some were never repeated, one-offs, but apparently Jackie Onassis wedding gown was replicated 35 times!

      • I love the Valentino Exhibition. I have a season pass and have been several times. I would have been even more often had I not been in Italy for the last 2 months. I can still squeeze a couple more visits before it closes. I hope we get more fashion exhibitions at GoMA. Perhaps the YSL collection from Paris might come here on day.
        Thank you, Catherine, for your comments.

  2. No one should miss the exhibition. You have to see it to believe it as they say. Another excellent exhibition at GoMA. Patricia

  3. I’m so glad you feel that way about the exhibition. I did too. It was almost overwhelming emotionally – especially the old lady, that took my breath away. The process of making them is extraordinary. I loved the man in the boat – it said so much I thought – that’s what was intriguing, you’re free to make your own interpretations and come away feeling the richer for it.

  4. PS: fantastic photos Deb

  5. They are really remarkable! The detail is exquisite. I wonder how long each would take him? 😮

  6. I went back again this morning and it is just as incredible second time around. Deb

  7. You’re so lucky to be exposed to all kinds of exhibitions in Brisbane, Deb. Some of those exhibitions often miss Adelaide, for some reason – maybe, our city is too small or does not get enough recognition to warrant an exhibition of this kind? I have to say Ron Mueck is amazing with his hands. You’ve inspired me to look for my local exhibitions and see what they have to offer.

  8. I saw Ron Mueck exhibit in Paris in “Institut Cartier” 14 arrondissement.
    Jim and I were chocked but we loved him.
    As much as your pictures are beautiful I don’t think they reflect the chocking reality when you are looking at the sculpture from few feet apart!
    This artist is a genius!
    Thanks so much for sharing I am going to show the pictures to my husband.

    • Hi Mirella,
      I know what you are saying. The sculptures are quite confronting – and this does not come across in the photos – you really need to see them up close to truly appreciate them.

  9. these are really amazing but i will not be in brisbane till sept… bugger

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