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Grom – Il gelato come una volta


busy Grom in Florence

Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom set out in 2002 to produce the best gelato they could.  They selected only fresh seasonal fruit, Lurisia mountain water for the sorbets, high quality whole milk and the best cocoa and coffee.

The first shop opened in Turin in May 2003 and long lines of people appeared each day to buy the gelato.  They expanded in 2005  and invested in a centralised laboratory to allow strict control of production.  In 2007 Grom opened the first shop outside Italy in New York, and the  lines of expectant customers formed again.  In the same year 8 hectares of land were purchased in Costigliole d’Asti to start their own farm, Mura Mura.  Peaches, apricots, pear, figs, strawberries and melons were planted to provide the best fruit possible.

Plastic spoons and bags were replaced in 2009 with Materbi – a material derived from corn starch and vegetable oils that is completely biodegradable.  All paper is Fsc certified paper, which encourages responsible forest management.

If all this doesn’t make you want to buy a Grom gelato, I will now list some of the flavours.  I have personally tried all of these (in the name of research) and can vouch for the deliciousness of each.

Nocciola – hazelnut – from Piedmont, where the best nuts grow

Pistacchio – from Bronte, near Mt Etna or Syria

Caffe – coffee from Guatemala

Marron Glace – candied chestnuts – this is my favourite

Cioccolato Extranoir – dark chocolate from Sierra Nevada

I could go on, but I think it is cruel when I am so far from a Grom.  I have visited Grom in Turin, Milan, Florence, Mantova and Bologna, but there are many more to discover.

Find Grom – you won’t be disappointed.

Jim waiting patiently for the Mantova Grom to open


  1. I can’t remember if we tried a Grom gelati – we must have because we found this truly amazing gelati shop in Florence packed with people. I had a pear gelati which was out of this world. I wanted to try the other flavours – fig and prune and …….but we had little room or time left. Those gelatis shops are a MUST to visit in Italy. You’ve brought back some wonderful memories, thanks Deb!
    Remind me to take you to Bellos Gelateria in my local area (Glynde, Adelaide). Mr Bello’s gelatis are popular, especially in summer time. I liked especially his watermelon, rockmelon and pineapple gelatis, all made from fresh seasonal fruits. Yum! Mr Bello has expanded his business and opened a shop in Prospect, Adelaide.

  2. THUS is what we need in Brisbane – maybe maleny diary would come to the arty?

  3. Can hardly wait to try Grom in September. We have had wonderful gelato in Cortona

    Thanks for the info Debra


  4. I will put this on my list of best gelateria in Italy along with one in Venice and one in San Gimignano. If Jim was waiting on steps for it to open surely that was not early morning! However he is slim enough to eat one anytime.

    • Midday was the opening time in Mantova. Jim is rather partial to gelato.

  5. I wish I could find myself a Grom! It sounds divine! 😀

  6. mmm, yummy!! look delicious!
    I love maron glace too, in anything!
    Thanks Debra for sharing!!!

    • Hi Mirella, I’m glad you are back!

  7. Wonderful blog and great photos too! Will check out the Grom gelato when I return to Italy. Thanks for the tip!

  8. And the granita alla mandorla is something incredible at Grom’s. I did not know that a granita could be that good 🙂

    • I love Grom! I am working my way through the flavours. San Crispino also does a fine gelato, but it is hard to beat Paolo’s at Il Monaco in Bagni di Lucca. He makes it himself every day and it is very good.

  9. As you know, My sister and I went there in September while students in San Giovanni Valdarno. We told people we were going to Firenze for David, or for the gardens, but really it was for GROM. Three trips in two weeks, 6 flavours! Vale la pena! We have Cibo coffe shops here in Adelaide and they have an orange, carrot and lemon sorbetto which is certainly the best in Adelaide, but GROM is still the best…

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  11. I wish I could understand what you are saying.

    • It’s Spam

      • Thanks Dakota, I got rid of it.

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