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Greve in Chianti

from the road near Asciano

Spring is the perfect time to drive through gorgeous Tuscany.  Any of the roads south of Florence towards Siena take you through postcard scenes.  The scenery is actually better than the postcards.

it seems too green to be real

We set off to drive down from Florence towards Asciano, a tiny village in the hills south of Siena.  The town itself is not the goal.  There is a road that travels along the tops of hills and offers 360 degree views of glorious green Tuscany.  We have also done this trip in autumn, when it is beautiful in a different way.  On the last trip we spotted pheasant running through the fields.  Unfortunately we also saw a hunter with  a gun and a dog following them.

near Asciano

The first stop was Greve in Chianti about 20 kilometres south of Florence.  It has an unusual triangular piazza, Piazza Matteotti, dominated by a statue of its most famous citizen, Giovanni da Verrazzano.  You may know the name from the Verrazzano Narrows bridge in New York.  Giovanni discovered Hudson Bay – New York harbour.

Giovanni Verrazzano

porticoes around the piazza

The piazza is lined with porticoes and has plenty of pretty shops and cafes to keep visitors busy.  For me,the most interesting shop is Macelleria Falorni, a butcher renowned throughout Tuscany for its  prime quality meat.  The best of this is the traditional cinta senese pork.  The shop has an amazing selection of delicious things to taste and buy.  We have come across the breed of pig before and bought several types of salami and prosciutto to take home.  This shop is a carnivore’s delight.

the ham ceiling at Macelleria Falorni

under the hams

lots to choose from

The area is, of course, famous for Chianti and the local wine is well represented in Greve.  There are several enotecas in town where you can try this very popular wine.

Chianti Classico

Liz was delighted to find a plate for her wall with the black rooster – Gallo Nero – the symbol for Chianti Classico.  You will find the rooster painted on many things in the area.

Liz's new plate

Verrazzano's more modern friend on the other side of the piazza

grape vines near Greve in Chianti


  1. Hi
    Many years ago I purchased 6 dinner plates which look very much like the rooster plate you have on you site. I have been trying for MANY years to buy additional plates.
    Any chance you would be kind enough to give me the contact information regarding where you purchased the plate. I want so very much to purchase two more to go with my set.

    Many thanks.

    LInda Burton
    Alexandria, Va USA

    • Hi Linda,
      I’ll check with Liz to see if she still has the name of the shop in Greve.

  2. So love reading your blog,Deb. Glad to hear you enjoyed Greve in Chianti so much as we are having a week in Montefioralle near Greve after our stay in Bagni di Lucca. I believe the restaurant Gallo Nero is fantastic.
    Look forward to seeing you again soon – in Italy!

  3. Hi again. We stayedin Radda from 30/4/10 to 5/5/10. and visited the Greve market. Did you see the photo in the shop window near the ham shop? The photo must have been taken from a baloon as there were no planes in 1870, the date on the photo. It showed the market square the same as it is now complete with statue. The uniforms on the two soldiers were greatcoats and swords. Greve hadn’t changed much in all that time.

    • I didn’t see the photo – I will have to go back. It is such a lovely area that won’t be a trial.

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