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Villa d’Este – Lake Como

The very beautiful and well known Villa d’Este in Cernobbio was built in the second half of the 16th century on behalf of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio.  In 1815 it was bought by Caroline von Braunswich, wife of George IV.  She gave the property its name  and organised lavish parties there.  It was turned into a hotel in 1873.

Villa d’Este from the wharf

It was a beautiful spring day when we arrived by small ferry from Como.  Directions to the Villa are sparse.  If you head for the main part of the town and turn right you will eventually come to the gates of Villa d’Este.  Casual visitors are not encouraged, so we had arranged a lunch booking at The Verandah.

beautiful gardens

the foyer of the hotel

these pansies were in all the garden beds

amazing gardens

As you can imagine the setting here is magnificent.  The gardens are beautifully kept and the hotel itself is very grand.  The pool was being filled while we were there and things were being readied for the season.

filling the pool

It is possible to arrive by private boat – an exellent way to arrive.

private boat landing

He will be there to meet you

beautiful setting

I would show you photos of the delicious grilled branzino we had for lunch and our beautifully presented dolci, but the restaurant was covered by a pretty yellow canopy which bathed everything in an orange light.  We, and our food looked a little jaundiced in photos.

We spent several delightful hours at Villa d’Este.  The restaurant is expensive, but the food, service and the setting is excellent.


  1. Stunnning, I would love to have joined you for lunch and the stroll around the grounds.

    • Parhaps we wil go there together on day – it is really beautiful and the food was delicious. deb

  2. Oh my! Deb, That is so gorgeous. The private boat landing is very pretty, is that wisteria growing above it? Looks like a setting for a fashion shoot to me, and those gardens are actually breathtakingly beautiful…just lovely, sigh………….

    • Hi Liz, The whole of Lake Como would make a great place for a fashion shoot, let’s speak to Lindsay about it. It is wisteria over the boat landing, not quite out, but gorgeous. Deb

  3. Beautiful photographs Deb – I think you missed your vocation. This and the last blog on Villa Cipressi particularly, are fit for any travel mag. I just wish …

    • Hi Pam, I think it would be hard to take a bad photo at Lake Como. It is the most beautiful place. Thank you for your kind comments. Deb

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