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Battistero Neoniano and Museo Arcivescovile

The cathedral and campanile on Via Rasponi

How did they build these things without cranes?

The Cathedral itself is unremarkable but the small adjoining Museo Arcivescolo contains an exquisite 6th century ivory throne of San Maximiano and some gorgeous mosiacs.   Here you can get very close to the mosiacs to truly appreciate how amazing they are.  The tiny cubes making up the mosiacs are in all colours of the rainbow and in many different materials. There seems to be glass, marble, malachite and lapis among others. There are 2 floors of exquisite things here, don’t miss anything.   Photos are not allowed in the museum or they would be here.

The Battistero Neoniano behind the cathedral was thought to have started out as a Roman bath house.  It was converted into a baptistry in the 5th century.

inside the baptistry

the amazing dome

at the top of the dome

Also worth a visit is the Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra – the house of stone carpets in Cheisa S. Eufemia.  Here you will find examples of some of the mosiac floors that have been excavated at different times.

House of stone carpets

an underground museum

a beautiful old floor

I think I will rip up the tiles on my terrace at home


  1. I was always amazed how the painting and the mozaic survive all those centuries!
    Thanks for sharing Debra!

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