Posted by: debrakolkka | April 12, 2010

Lunch at the Armani Cafe in Milan

There are lots of wonderful places to eat in Milan, but it is hard to go past the Armani Cafe at the 3 level Armani shop on Via Manzoni.  It has been recently renovated and is looking better than ever.  I always stop here for coffee and to look at the beautifully dressed Milanese shoppers taking a break.

For lunch I ordered the grilled vegetables with cheese and my friends had delicious ravioli with pesto. 

the bread basket

grilled vegetables with cheese


The shop is absolutely beautiful.  As well as the clothes there is a gorgeous florist,  a section for Armani Dolce and a book shop.  Work has started on an upward extention to the shop.  Soon there will be a boutique hotel above.

Armani is on Via Manzoni at the end of Via Montenapoleone, perfectly placed in the centre of the fabulous shops in Milan.


  1. I love this post!!
    I didn’t know that Armani have a cafe!
    Thanks for the information!

    Ravioli filled with goat cheese is my favorite dish!

    Thank you for sharing the delicious pictures.
    Made me hungry now:)

  2. We have had similiar bread baskets in France and Italy and it spoils us for the mean offerings in Australian restaurants. Even the Americans know how to give you good bread in their restaurants, Roz

  3. […] at the Armani Cafe in Milan is always fun.   If you don’t have time for lunch, at least call in for a coffee […]

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    • That sounds like a great idea. You would need to go to the Armani corporation.

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        Best Regards,

      • I didn’t think you would have any success. It was worth a try.

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