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The Battistero – Baptistry in Florence

the octagonal Baptistry in front of the cathedral

The baptistry is one of the oldest buildings in Florence.  It may have been started as early as the 5th century, but it is mainly an 11th century Romanesque building.  Dante was baptised here.

1 of the panels on Ghiberti's door

The octagonal building is mostly famous for its beautiful gilded bronze doors,  particularly those from the 15th century facing the cathedral, called The Gate of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti.  The 10 panels depict scenes from the Old Testament.

details from the door

details on the door

detail on the door

Inside, the 13th century gold mosaics in the dome were created by artists from Venice.  There are several themes, including Christ in Majesty and The Last Judgement.


the hungry devil

under the dome

one of the popes

the golden mosiacs in the dome

It is certainly worth the 4 euro entry fee.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the golden details of the door.
    Thank you for sharing.

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