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Pisa- the Leaning Tower

The Tower

We had time on the way to the airport for a quick trip to Pisa to look at the tower.  I haven’t really looked at anything much else in Pisa, but I have been told there are lots of interesting things to see.  I will go soon and spend the day there and have a good look around.

I think the Piazza dei Miracoli where the leaning tower sits is spectacular.  I am usually there in winter when the crowds are not overwhelming.

The baptistry

at the side of the church

looking up

detail on the front of the church

detail on the church door

detail on the church door

the amazing tower

It is possible to climb the tower now, but surely the best view is looking up at it.  You can buy a ticket which will allow entry to all the buildings in the Piazza.  Even if you don’t do this I’m sure you will enjoy spending time wandering around this beautiful place.


I was wrong – climbing the tower is fabulous!  I have been back since and climbed to the very top of the tower with Liz and my friend Di.  The worn marble steps curl their way to the top, becoming narrower as they go.  The lean is quite obvious as you climb and the view from the top is amazing.

inside the tower

view from the top

Liz phoning her son from the top

Di making her way down

The bells near the top

The ticket to climb costs euro 15 and can be purchased from the ticket office near the tower.  It is reasonably well signed.  It is possible to nominate a time you wish to climb.  The tours seem to go every 20 minutes.  All carry bags must be put in lockers but cameras are allowed.

The steps at the top are very narrow at the top meaning only one way traffic is possible, so only one group at a time is allowed.  Children under 8 are not allowed to climb.  The climb is steep, but not too difficult and there are places to stop along the way.  The final climb to the very top is narrow and a little slippery, but worth the effort.   You can stop at different levels to look at the view and decide whether you wish to go further.


  1. Your pictures are amazing!! I particularly liked the angles of the first picture with the Leaning Tower against a blue sky. The quality of your camera is evident with the intricate carvings on the doors, the edifices and the posts, all those wonderful details in the architecture taken in really sharp focus. That’s one advantage of taking a leisurely look around the place. Your suggestion going to Pisa during the quieter months seems a sensible idea to avoid the crowds.

  2. Very nice pictures! I visited Piza twice in my life, and every time the tower was under construction.
    It is good to see that it is ready to receive visitors again.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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