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A walk to Colle

turn right

After several days of icy winds and snow flurries, this morning was sunny and bright.  I thought it would be an excellent day for a walk over the hill directly in front of the apartment.

It is not all that far, but it is quite steep in parts.  The road heads up past  Bagni Caldi (thermal baths) and onward through chestnut and oak trees  into the tiny collection of houses that is Colle.

under the chestnut trees

on the way to Colle

Along the way there are bee hives, rows of grape vines and small gardens.  It all looks very pretty, but it must have been a fairly difficult existence when people relied on these things to survive.  It probably didn’t seem quite so romantic then.

grapevines waiting for spring

bee hives on the way to Colle

Just past Colle is an old rustico- stone cottage – that I would like to be mine.  Several years ago I scratched my name on one of the wooden beams in the hope that it would help things along.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I can hope.

the path to the rustico

the path to the rustico

the rustico

just in case

Further up the hill is a green park with a tiny memorial to the Alpini, a band of soldiers.

the park at the top

Chiesina Alpini

a prayer for the soldiers

A lone cat watched me warily.  I thought he must have been one of the many semi wild cats that are everywhere, but his owner called to him and he scampered off.  I have seen this man before.  He is often up there and I think he must take care of the area by trimming the grass and cutting back the trees.

the cat

a man and his cat

He showed me a huge pile of timber had had cut before he had a heart attack in December.  He appears to be making a recovery.  I hope so, the area needs someone to love it.

the wood pile

I walked down the other side of the hill to La Villa.  On the way is Villa Ada, and abandoned villa that is crying out for some attention.  Inside is the lovely little statue that is often seen in photos about Bagni di Lucca.

Villa Ada

the marble sculpture

The round trip takes about 2 hours.  You could do it in much less time , but it’s so pretty, what is the rush?

helibores along the track

spring violets

tiny daisies

wild strawberries


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