Posted by: debrakolkka | March 3, 2010

Dries Van Noten – Paris

Our favourite store by far in Paris was Dries Van Noten on the left bank opposite The Louvre.  We had been following Dries Van Noten clothes around the world, but here in this beautiful store we saw the collection at its best.  We were right at the beginning of the season, so we saw everything.

The shop is on 2 levels.  There are 2 lovely rooms downstairs, with a little alcove that looks out onto a small garden.  This alcove is filled with the most divine scarves, one of which is now mine.  I think the shop was originally a book shop.  Now it looks like an elegant home, filled with gorgeous things.

We were attended to by a very handsome young man from Argentina.  He asked if there was anything we would like and I replied that I would like to move in especially if he came with the shop.    We asked Maximilliano if we could take a photo of the interior of the shop.  He had to phone head office for approval, which was not given.  We were told we would have to write to ask permission.  I thought this was ever so slightly pretentious.  It won’t be happening. 

We didn’t let that little setback ruin our impression of the shop or the lovely boy and we left reluctantly.


  1. Deb did you see that another wordpress blog link below your story leads you to a Dries Van Noten video. We were staying near this boutique and the window displays alone are worth a visit.

    • Thanks for that. I will check it out. I love Dries.

  2. Just reading through your blog – I like it a lot. I think the Dries Van Noten shop on the quays in Paris is the one of the most beautiful I have seen. I too asked about taking photographs and of course the answer was no.

    • I love the shop – and the beautiful things in it. I will be back in Paris in early October and I will head straight for Dries. I also want to go to Antwerp to see his shop there.

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