Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 27, 2023

A wet farewell

It is time to go home to Australia. The weather was great in Paris (apart from the heat in the first week) and Italy. It has been a warm, dry autumn until the last few days when skies have thrown down heavy rain.

The river in front of our apartment in Ponte a Serraglio has turned into a raging torrent. I admit that I like to watch the scene unfold from the safety of my window, but I am aware that it causes some damage.


The Devil’s Bridge has a brown reflection.

At Casa Debbio the rain was torrential and the wind has brought down some trees. Houses in the village below are a bit more exposed than our place and several roofs have been damaged.

The swirling mists in the mountains around us make a beautiful scene…from the comfort of my bedroom window.

As I write this the sun has come out and the river is more calm.

I will return in February. I still have several posts to write about Paris and the road trip I did to Abruzzo and beyond with my son.


  1. Where has that time gone .. look forward to a catch up before Christmas 🎄
    I always enjoy your blogs 🙏 Thank you Deb.

    • The last 2 months certainly flew past! See you soon.

  2. I guess autumn storms and rains – hope you have a comfortable flight

    • Rain and storms are common at this time of the year. We needed rain.

  3. OH dear already, that time seems to have flown.
    Such a pity with so much rain there & here in Queensland we are really wanting some to put out bushfires.

    • It is a pity rain can’t be shared quietly where it is needed.

  4. Have a safe trip back home!

  5. Yes Debra, where does the time go?
    Thanks once again for your amazing photos!
    Best wishes and safe travels.

    • There was a lot packed into this visit. It was fun to have my son with me for some of it.

  6. Fantastic photos capturing the dramatic performance of nature. Thanks for sharing.

    • The river changed quickly once the heavy rain started.

  7. Have once again enjoyed your wonderful blog and reminiscing of our time spent in your wonderful part of the world, Debra. Safe travels back to Brisbane

    • Thank you. I am ready to go home.

  8. Safe journey Deb. Will the pop shop be on?😁

    • Thank you. The shop is permanent, no longer a pop up. I will be there Wednesday to Saturday every week form next week until I head back to Italy in February.

  9. I can’t believe it’s already time to go back to Australia for you! Have a safe flight 😀

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