Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 7, 2023

Too hot in Tokyo

I wish I could say I enjoyed my visit to Tokyo, but with temperatures in the high 30s with ridiculously high humidity, I struggled to be outside.

Our hotel in the Ginza area had 2 robots at the reception. I think they were mostly for show, as we were looked after by friendly people.

The breakfast room was self service.

On our first walk to the centre, which was quite close, I spotted some older, interesting buildings amongst the high rise. I never walked it again…much too hot.


We walked though a beautiful park to the Imperial Palace.


At this point, to get out of the heat, we took the hop on hop off bus. We drove past lots of highrise buildings and I was reluctant to get off the bus anyway. I did do a quick hop to take a photo of Tokyo tower.

There were some lovely green places amongst the high buildings.


In the food hall at Diamaru, the department store, there was an enormous food hall where just about everything was packaged. It all looked delicious, particularly the cakes and sweets.

After another miserably hot walk we found an older area with a lovely park and  traditional houses.

There is a street in the Nippori area which is lined with excellent fabric shops. It is a short walk from the Nippori station and easy to find. No photos, sorry, too hot.

It took us a while to work out the metro and trains and navigating the city was not easy. I am not one for guided tours, but I think it might be a good idea in Tokyo.

I know this is a crummy description of Tokyo, which I am sure has delights that I did not find. I will check the temperature before I even think of another visit. The best part of our time in Tokyo was the friendly and charming people we met everywhere.


  1. Uggh. Poor things. Sounds like you absolutely melted. Sounds like NOT the place to be during the summer. We are planning our first trip there in early May. Thanks for the bits and tips you shared. Hope you’re cooling off somewhere beautiful now.

    • Yes it is not enjoyable with high temperatures & humidity & friends just back from Singapore said same. But still loved your photos of old & new architecture. The food hall with the packaging looked a work of art.

    • I’m sure the experience would be better without the heat. I should have taken more notice of temperatures as I absolutely loathe hot weather.

  2. Still a great post, temperature & time of year noted.

    • What a shame it was so uncomfortable – I think there are some places where a guided tour is helpful – lovely photos

      • The heat completely ruined the visit, I will be more careful next time.

      • I’m sure I would have had a better experience in cooler weather.

  3. Yes it is not easy to enjoy especially with high temperatures & humidity. Friends just back from Singapore said the same & also mentioned the use of robots. But still loved your photos of old & new architecture. Even the food hall with packaging looked a work of art.

    • I avoid Singapore because of the heat. I expect that as Singapore is close to the equator, I didn’t expect it in Japan. I will be more careful next time. We had a better time in Kyoto where we found more places under cover.

  4. Definitely worth another visit Deb. When I was there (January) it was cold but with beautiful clear skies and perfect for walking around. We found the metro and train system amazing for getting around and easy to navigate. I think the heat and humidity would be absolutely miserably terrible. I too would not enjoy it

    • Give me cold any day! I’m sure it would be a lovely place to visit with lots to see.

    • Give me cold any day! I’m sure I would have a completely different experience if I had not been so distressed by the heat.

  5. Too hot everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. This is what we can expect from the climate change….

    • Yes, we are in Paris now and it is hot. The heat in Japan is the worst I have experienced anywhere.

  6. Sounds like you might be on your way back to Bagni? I enjoyed your pics of Tokyo and appreciate you efforts. I used to enjoy the heat but as I age and the climate gets worse, I definitely sympathize with you. Architecturally, as with Italy, I prefer the older classic or rural buildings and scenes. The parks look sweet. I have an interest in Japan and wonder how those of us favoring the English language and a western type diet would fare. We taught ourselves passable Italian but I fear Japanese won’t be in our future. Thanks again Debra…always interesting.

    • I am on my way to Bagni di Lucca. We had a couple of days in Helsinki with some lovely cool weather and we are now in Paris, back to the heat.
      I quite like Japanese food, but know little of the language.

  7. Deb it all looks amazing such a shame about the heat I wouldn’t have thought it would be so hot – enjoy Paris & fingers crossed the heat goes away

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