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We took the Shinkansen, bullet train, from Tokyo to Kyoto. It travels at speeds between 240 and 320 kilometres per hour, similar to the Frecciarossa trains in Italy, which is almost as fast.

We arrived at the very busy Kyoto station and decided to have lunch before heading to the city. We chose a beautiful, quiet cafe and when we sat down and looked at the menu, we realised it was sweets only. This was our delicious lunch.

There were beautiful packaged things to take away.

Next stop was the hotel, Rinn Gion Yasaka, where we dropped off our bags.


We headed for the centre. The main street in the Gion/Shijo area is wide and busy. There are lots of interesting smaller streets off to the side. It is not uncommon to see people in traditional dress.

We had dinner at a yakitori bar.

We picked up some matcha sweets on the way home. They are very popular in Kyoto.

The next day we went early to the Nishiki Market. Most stalls were beginning to open at around 10.00am.


We started with a coffee and a matcha bun.

The market was thankfully air conditioned and we were there before crowds gathered. There was much to see, Japanese crafts and lots of food.

These oysters were huge.

I could not eat these poor little octopus on sticks.

There is a shrine at the end of the market. You can pull a long cord and perhaps wish for something. I would wish for cooler weather.

Beside the market is a small group of shops called Sou Sou. There are clothes for men, women and children, Japanese fabrics and accessories and a shop especially for footwear. My new shoes are second from the end on the bottom shelf.

We had dinner that night at Tempura Endo. It was the highlight of our Kyoto visit. The chef cooked the delicious morsels in front of us, brought them to us and explained which salt or sauce should go with each piece.


Our hotel looked lovely at night.

It was just as hot in Kyoto as it was in Tokyo but we found it a bit easier to keep out of the heat. Our visit to Kyoto was much more interesting and pleasant.




  1. The Japanese are such an artistic race – presentation is so beautiful – lovely photos

    • The presentation is great. I loved the Sou Sou shops.

  2. What interesting views of Kyoto. How clean everywhere looks.
    Packaging & displaying of everything is impressive. Having worked for many years with a Japanese trading company I was so fortunate to receive many gifts always beautifully wrapped.

    • Tokyo and Kyoto were very clean. There are no rubbish bins in the street and no rubbish. People must take their rubbish with them. What a good idea!

  3. Looks so interesting and as usual beautiful photos!

    • There were lots of interesting things to see. It was too hot to do much outside walking, but perhaps there will be another time.

  4. Just love Kyoto hope to revisit in November for Autumn 🍂
    Where did you stay ?
    Happy journey great photos 🙏

    • The name of the hotel is in the post, above a photo of the hotel. It was in the Gion area.

  5. Gorgeous thread – as we have become used to! I’m hoping you where able to visit some of the amazing Zen Gardens Kyoto is famous for?

    • The gardens will have to be for another visit. The temperature was close to 40 degrees with sky high humidity. I was reluctant to leave air conditioning!

  6. What a fabulous posting! Reflecting, with gratitude, how you bring the world to us; in the comfort of our homes. If you weren’t joking….love your new shoes!! Italy must be welcoming you back very soon. I hope. Fall fairs, truffle hunting? Ever on the move; such a charmed Life…we get to share. GRAZIE!

    • The shoes are mine and I love them! I found the heat oppressive in Japan. If I go back it will have to be in winter. We left Japan for cool Helsinki and we are now back in the heat in Paris.

  7. This post had my heart! I love those shots down the narrow alley ways. Your hotel looks very cute and the tempura meal wonderful!

  8. Great photos Deb. Japan has so many interesting sights as you wonder around.

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