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Delightful Deruta

Deruta is a small hill town near Perugia in Umbria. It is famous for its fine ceramics which are exported all over the world.  The local clay was found to be good for ceramics and production began in the early Middle Ages.

The local industry hit its peak in the 15th and early 16th centuries when the local ‘maiolica’ style became popular. Deruta, Gubbio and Urbino continue to produce the finest Italian maiolica.

As you might expect the town is well supplied with shops selling these gorgeous ceramics, starting at the entrance. We were sorely tempted by one of the beautiful painted tables, but we moved on.

The town is lovely and we were surprised to find it almost deserted in late May. The wet, cool weather probably had something to do with it. Ceramics are everywhere, waiting for buyers.

The shops all look wonderful, how do you choose?

A couple of shops offer a more modern style.

In many shops we visited we found people working on their designs. We were particularly taken by a lovely signora who was painting these plates.

When fired they would look like this.

She had lots of stunning pieces in her shop.

We bought a small clock.

The centre of town was very quiet.

There are some marvellous old buildings.


Narrow streets to explore.

We had lunch at this tiny place run by a widow who told us about her life in Deruta. Her little cafe was once their butcher shop run by her husband. They had no children and there was nobody to take over so she turned it into a cafe so she could continue to come in every day. We were happy that we chose her cafe.

There is an excellent panoramic point offering great views over the countryside below.

Deruta is a beautifully presented town. I loved all the pots with flowers.

On the way out I spotted this little girl.

…and this plaque.

…and these steps leading up to the town.

If you need a gorgeous maiolica ceramic,  go to Deruta. Even if you don’t, it is a delightful town to visit.


  1. Such restraint Deb, I would have had to buy a piece or two- great post

    • We really wanted the table, but it was just a bit too expensive. We did buy a lovely clock.

  2. It’s a lovely town! We went on a behind the scenes tour of one of the workshops to see the delicate hand painting. That cafe looks nice and I love Umbria.

    • We watched a lovely lady painting and bought one of her clocks. I love Umbria too.

  3. Deruta looks so interesting, not only the the views over countryside, but the town itself just fabulous. So much to choose but to find the right spot when home. Loved your Post.

    • There were lots of things I wanted to buy, but you are correct, they need a place at home.

  4. I love Deruta and would need to return to buy a plate to match my medieval lady.

    • I love those! I really wanted a matching pair.

  5. Absolutely stunning. It would indeed be hard to choose. I would take days!

    • And I would leave my credit card at home, Paddy.

  6. My goodness, what a gorgeous place – I have a greedy soul and would have loved to buy so much of what is there to drag back to my palatial home (small flaw in my plan🤓)

    • Deruta is lovely and the ceramics are gorgeous. One day we will go back for a table.

  7. Very difficult to resist….

    • We bought a small clock, but could have bought much more,

  8. What a tempting place, with so many talented artisans concentrated there.

    • There is certainly much to choose from. I have little space at home for more ceramics, but it didn’t stop me wanting them.

  9. I spent a day in Deruta last year with friends in August and we were surprise to find the town almost deserted. The signage to get to Deruta is very bad. We had to stop twice to get directions to Deruta. You are right though, the town is beautiful and it was fun to see the artisans at work. We bought several plates. We met you the next day at Cafe Italia in Bagni di Lucca.

    • Tourists often head in the same direction, to the most popular places. I feel very lucky to have the time to find the less well known, but equally lovely towns and villages.

  10. All I know is that I’ve never heard of Deruta but now I really want to visit it! Thank you for highlighting these beautiful places 🙂

    • There are many lesser known towns and villages to visit in glorious Italy.

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