Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 15, 2023

Trevi, not the fountain

In late May while staying in Montefalco in Umbria we spotted a hilltop town in the distance.

A little investigation told us it was Trevi. It is in the Province of Perugia overlooking the wide plain of the Clitunno river and is said to have one of the best views in Umbria. We had to visit.

Driving towards Trevi. It looks impressive.

It is surrounded by olive trees. The production of olive  oil is one of its main industries. The other is tourism. It is well connected with other towns in the area by public transport, making it a good option as a base.

Trevi is ancient. The oldest walls in the centre date from the 1st century BC. It became a wealthy town in the 15th century and was the fourth town in Italy to have a printing press and its own printing company. There are a number of a Renaissance mansions in the town, attesting to its wealth and importance.

We parked toward the top of the hill and walked into the centre. We followed the high walls.


The day was a bit hazy, but the view was great.

There were a few steep entrances leading up.

We found what looked like the way into the centre and came upon some wonderful old buildings and stunning doorways.

A little further on we came to the lovely Piazza Mazzini, with the 13th century town hall, a 14th century tower and people enjoying Sunday lunch. There were a couple of shops open and a pretty balcony.

Trevi has about 20 churches. The Duomo of Sant’Emiliano is a 12th century Romanesque building tucked in amongst narrow streets.

A little further on from the church we found a medieval house.

There was a fresco on the front wall.

Opposite the house we could see the bell tower of the church through trees.

Above the old part of the town is a large, flat area where there is a car park and a bus stop, along with shops and houses.

Looking back you can see one of the old portals into the town.

I liked this figure in a garden on the way back to our car.

The view from the other side of town.

I am amazed after visiting dozens of ancient hilltop towns in Italy over the years how different each one is from the next. Of course there are similarities, but the lovely details around each corner delight me and make me want to explore more. Trevi was a fun place to explore.




  1. These posts also make me wish I was a time traveller!

    • It would be fun to see what Trevi was like centuries ago.

  2. Wow, what a treasure you found.

    • It was a lovely little town.

  3. I think Umbria is my favourite region in Italy although it’s a tough choice!

    • My absolute favourite area is the Amalfi Coast, but I also love the Val d’Orcia, Lake Como, Le Marche…the lost goes on.

  4. Lovely post, Debra! I live in Montone in the Upper Tiber Valley, as I think you know (I haven’t written in ages), and I get my olive oil from Trevi. It’s one of the best in Umbria, IMHO. Trevi never disappoints!

    • We must have driven past Trevi several times without seeing it. Perhaps we came upon it from a different angle. We were delighted by this lovely little town.

  5. What a delightful tour you have taken us on through Trevi. It was fascinating to see such narrow lane ways through the buildings. Always wonder how they were built centuries ago. Also love the doorways & entrances. Plus of course the red geraniums!!

    • Trevi was a lovely surprise.

  6. Thank you Debra for another excellent photo tour with commentary. As you say, so many little towns, paese, are lovely and historical is similar but also individual ways.

    • There are so many of these lovely towns to visit in Italy!

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