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Castelluccio and the high plains of Monti Sibillini

The Sibillini Mountains are one of the major mountain groups of the Apennine mountain ranges. Most of the peaks are over 2,000 metres, with Monte Vettore the highest at 2,476 metres.

Since 1993 the area has been part of the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. The U-shaped valleys and glacial depressions are due to the action of ice age glaciers.

The high plains that look like huge bowls between the mountains are spectacular in any season, but in late spring and early summer  the bowls are full of flowers, gentians, daffodils, violets, poppies and many more.

This is not my photo, we were there too early in the season to see the flowers bloom.

We visited in late May. We drove up through the mountains and came upon the vast green plain.


The colours were just beginning to appear.

Castelluccio is a tiny village dating from the 13th century with stunning views over the mountains and valleys. The village was badly damaged by earthquakes in 2016. It is slowly being rebuilt.


Castelluccio was packed with visitors the day we were there. I guess it is a gathering point for the activities in the area. It is also full of small shops and temporary stands selling local products.

As well as pork and wild boar products the area is famous for growing lentils, so we bought some of those along with local cheese and salami…all delicious.

This wonderful scenic route is one of the most spectacular in Italy. Take the drive between Spoleto and Norcia, you won’t be disappointed.



  1. What a spectacular drive this is, not only for the views but those fields of flowers are unbelievable.

    • It would be great to be there in the flowering season.

  2. Your photos of this region are the best ever. Makes one want to visit right there.

    • It is a stunning place to visit.

  3. I LOVED my visit to the Piano Grande… only a few wildflowers, we were too early, but saw the lentil fields and isolated, remote Casteluccio. .

    • It is the first time we have been there, but I would love to return to see the flowers.

      • I hoped you do

      • Here’s a post I did some years ago …as you can see, very simila4 on the plain to your images:

      • The photos are very similar. We didn’t go past the main square of the village. It was a windy, cold day with threatening rain. I hope to go back on a better day.

      • Do show photos when you do get there’s again (Says she enviously)

  4. What stunning landscapes – but when the flowers bloom it’s obviously completely arresting

    • We need to go back when the flowers are blooming.

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