Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 8, 2022

Carnevale Viareggio 2022

I love the Carnevale in Viareggio! It is loud, chaotic and fabulous. This year was no exception. I don’t understand the meaning behind all of the amazing floats, some are obvious but others not. It doesn’t matter, I love being there for the noise, the excitement and the enthusiasm of the participants.

Here are some of the floats with their teams of dancing, singing participants.

This was one of my favourite floats. The costumes of the people involved were spectacular, and I loved the fiddling grasshopper.

Taking a break.

Floats about Peace were timely. The floats take months to make so Putin’s war against Ukraine didn’t make it, but Ukraine flags were on many floats. It is a pity the idiotic, megalomaniac Russian leader didn’t spend his time making spectacular floats for his people to dance in front of rather than send them off in tanks to kill people.

Another favourite was Don Quixote, the music was deafening and wonderful.

Climate change is featured regularly.

The next one was impressive, but I am unsure of the message.

Covid got its own float, with live music.

Another one whose meaning escaped me.

Fierce dragons are always popular.

Joe Biden rode a buffalo with Putin as a sting in the tail.

Burlamacco, the symbol of Carnevale was there and some chefs threw endless confetti…I am still picking it out of my pockets.

Special mention goes to Popeye and The Hulk who helped to keep us safe.

I’m sure next year’s floats are already under construction. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.


  1. These floats are so clever. Amazing.

    • Being there and standing underneath them as they trundle past is wonderful.

  2. Fantastic photos, Deb. I also love the floats at Viareggio. Carnevale is not to be missed , if possible.

    • I go most years. I love it.

  3. All those floats are just incredible & cannot believe the numbers in the parade each one a masterpiece. Must be a wonderful time to be there and enjoying the atmosphere.

    • Spectacular! And that blue sky!

      • It was a beautiful day.

    • Being there with all the noise and chaos is wonderful. I have been 8 times.

  4. My gosh, the creativity is astounding. I can’t begin to imagine the hours and hours of work that go into making these floats. It’s sad to think they must be abandoned once the parade is over, to make way for the offering for next year. I am so glad I got to Viareggio, even if it wasn’t at Carnevale.

    • The floats are incredible. I will go one day to the workshop to see them being made.

  5. Wonderful spectacle! Creativity in spades!

  6. Amazing. Great photos. Thank you for sharing.i

    • It is amazing to be there.

  7. Must be very satisfying to see your design come to life. Many creative people there. Thanks for sharing.

    • I think it would be fun to participate on the day.

  8. I love seeing how carnivals are returning around the globe, although I think it’s still wise to wear our masks. And I noticed some of the performers in this year’s Carnevale Viareggio wore masks that were camouflaged with their costumes. Very smart! Those floats look really impressive. I can imagine how much more astonishing they must have been in person.

    • It is incredible to be there, I love it. Most people, including me, were wearing masks.

  9. Wonderful floats full of creativity, as usual. Thank you, Debra

    • It is an amazing event,

  10. Wow they really outdo themselves! It must be quite surreal to see these in real life given their scale.

    • Standing underneath these floats as they lumber past is quite something.

  11. Spectacular. Thanks for sending that, great entertainment during such dark times

  12. Wow – and the religious one is quite sinister. I should like to be able to pin Putin right where he is anchored to the tail!

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