Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 2, 2022

Signs of spring

I was in Lucca yesterday for my interview at the Questura for my yearly renewal of my Permesso di Soggiorno. They was a bit of a delay so I went for a walk through Lucca, along the wonderful Corso Garibaldi, which is lined with magnolia trees.

Usually they bloom in mid March, but this week those on the sunny side of the street are already flowering.

Many years ago I found this description of the flowering trees and it is too good not to repeat…again.

”If you will be there around the half of March you’ll fill the emotion of walking between the wings of magnolia trees, whose leafage full of flowers looks like a big rose-coloured fireworks even though…unnaturally static.”

Mother nature is ignoring the absolutely rotten events unfolding in Europe right now.


  1. Such beauty and such ugliness, hard to fathom

    • It is difficult to believe what is happening in Ukraine. I long for the day that the Russian people get together to take down their hideous leader.

  2. The Beauty and the Beast. Stunning display. Thank you mother nature.
    Trying times in Queensland. The skies have opened. So much devastation.
    How’s West End faring Deb?

    • I have see the flood devastation in Brisbane. We owned a house that was flooded in 2011. I think it has flooded again. We sold it a few years ago, thankfully.

  3. THESE are wonderful images; albeit somewhat early…hope the weather holds. The quote most fitting. And. I hope. There are miracles in the wings; to end all catastrophic events…O Dio Buono!!

    • It is early this year. Each year is different. Last year the blooming was also early, then a sever cold snap came and destroyed the flowers along with my newly planted fruit trees.

  4. Gorgeous blue skies to highlight the delightful blooming magnolias.

    • It was a beautiful sunny day in Lucca, but there was a mean cold wind to go with it.

  5. It is a privilege to watch the magnolia trees flowering….

    • It is indeed. I will be back soon for another look.

  6. Magnolias are my favourite…and that is the most magnificent display! Such beauty in the midst of so much dismay. Thanks, Deb,

    • They are beautiful trees. I had one at Casa Debbio but it was knocked over in a storm. I have planted another and I hope it survives. The wood is crazy right now.

  7. Love the brilliance of the magnolias against the blue sky. Unlike the pouring rain & destruction in QLD & now NSW. Also visions on TV of absolute horror in Ukraine. We pray for women trying to get children to safety in spite of freezing conditions.

    • It is difficult to watch what is happening in Ukraine. We can only hope it is over soon before there is even more destruction.

  8. There is so much beauty in nature, your photo are very beautiful. I wish my magnolia had flowers like those in Lucca.

    • I planted one last year to replace one that was blown over in a storm. Goats chewed it shortly after it was planted. I hope it survives and grows flowers like these.

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