Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 18, 2022

Beautiful Bamberg

Bamberg is a beautiful town in Upper Franconia, Germany. It dates from the 9th century and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. We visited on a damp winter day.

Our walk from the railway station took us across the wide, brown Regnitz River.


We came to a small piazza where Neptune kept watch…he gets around.

A unicorn with golden eyes also looked over us.

Across a branch of the river we came to the Rathaus, town hall. It was first mentioned in 1387 and rebuilt between 1461 and 1467. It was redesigned between 1744 and 1756.

The facade paintings were originally created by Johann Anwander in 1755 and restored many times. Anton Greer repaired the paintings between 1959 and 1962.

Colourful buildings line the riverbank.

I wonder if this doorway was built crooked or is the result of regular refits as the building sank.

The old city is full of wonderful buildings, making for an interesting walk.

I was impressed with the ship over a shop.

And the young ladies and mermaids over the doorway, keeping with the ocean theme.

Dark clouds sent us back across the river and back to the station.

Bamberg is a lovely town. It must look very pretty in spring…a good reason to return.


  1. Looks as a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for sharing!

    • It is a very pretty town. We were only there for a short time, a longer visit is needed.

  2. I agree! I spent a couple of days in Bamberg many years ago and I have fond memories of the beautiful architecture and wall paintings, also of Franconian food.

    • We love the food in the area too. I could easily become addicted to the bratwurst sausages with mustard on a roll.

  3. Stunning Images Deb xx

    • Thank you. It is a pretty town.

  4. Loved your photos of Bamberg. Agree with you it should look lovely in Spring.

    • I do like winter but spring is so lovely with new green leaves everywhere.

  5. i hope you can blog about the food they have therw

    • The food is excellent in the area. The friends we stayed with are excellent cooks as well as the great food in restaurants. We needed a few days without eating much when we returned home.

  6. Lovely old buildings and I always like winter-escapes.

  7. Winter-scapes!

  8. Gorgeous! And now I’m hungry for a good bratwurst on a roll 😁

  9. Another beautiful city!

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