Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 19, 2021

What happened to spring?

This spring has been disappointing to say the least. We get the odd day of sunshine then the rain and cold weather return.

Yesterday we had glorious sunshine.

Today more rain.

Everything is green and pretty but it is still quite cool. There are few acacia blossoms to be seen. I hope the bees have something to feed on.

My ankle is progressing well. The final stitches come out next week and my hospital visits will be over until a final check in 6 weeks.

I don’t have to wear the boot and I can walk slowly and carefully with the aid of a walking stick. My ankle is unsurprisingly stiff and a bit uncomfortable but it is not painful. It gets better every day.

I should be able to drive soon and I look forward to being able to travel a bit. Most of Italy is a yellow zone now and soon restaurants will be open for indoor dining. We can eat outside but this crummy weather is making it difficult for restaurants to operate successfully.

I hope we get some sunny, warm weather soon!


  1. always a lovely scenery.. regardless of the weather.

    • Yes, it is beautiful every day. Some warm weather would be nice for a change.

  2. Good news re ankle, bound to be sunny soon!😀

    • The weather will change soon…it must. It is good to be mobile.

  3. Pleased to know your ankle updates( very good news) and happy to know Spring is coming tho a month late. Waiting for the peony photos from Casa Debbio when the road opens again. So good to hear you are in good shape and summer is coming which will be great for getting out and about again.

    • I hope to get up to Casa Debbio soon to see my peonies in bloom.

  4. I hope your ankle gets better soon!

    • It is improving every day!

  5. Good to hear that you are recovering and that soon you will enjoy driving. The weather has not been kind to any of us. Keep on improving!

    • We did get some sun today but the rain has returned. I look forward to being able to drive.

  6. Happy to hear your improving. It’s almost over, whew!

    • My ankle gets better each day, but I still can’t walk far. Today I planted the flowers on the bridge and then had to lie down for a while.

  7. It’s been unseasonably wet here in Jakarta as well. Usually rainy season ends in March. Yet, we’re halfway through May and it can rain heavily from time to time here. My houseplants are not doing that well this year. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Debra!

    • The whole world seems crazy right now! Let’s hope for improvement soon.

  8. I am pleased they are removing your pin. I still have mine (tibia fibulal.

    • Only the bolt through my ankle was removed. The pin and screws in the fibula will stay there.

  9. Great to hear you are on the mend well and truly . Driving and restaurants and peonies ! A lot to look forward to .

    • I am delighted with my progress. The ankle gets better every day.

  10. Lovely photos! I’m happy to hear you’re still mending well and able to get out and about.

    • Yes, I have my freedom back. It is great to be able to walk and drive.

  11. Hi Deb lovely photos even if sun only out for short time
    Everything in sunshine looks better. Great to see you are improving & it does seem a short time (but I suppose not to you.). Your garden will be happy to see you again.

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