Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 24, 2021

Success at the Questura

Last year my appointment at the Questura in Lucca to renew my Permesso di Soggiorno was postponed 3 times and eventually happened in August.

I expected the same to happen this year, but it did not, and yesterday I was taken to the Questura. Sarah wheeled me towards the building and we were ushered in immediately.

An official opened a window especially for me and I was processed in 5 minutes. Considering that some years I wait 2 or more hours this was a miracle. Perhaps I can keep my cast for next year.

Within the next couple of weeks I will get a letter asking for more paperwork or a text telling me I can collect my new Permesso. You never know until it happens.

It was a lovely day so we went up onto the Lucca wall for a walk, or for me a push. The trees are gorgeous and the horse chestnut trees have blossoms.

It is a glorious sunny day today too. Filippo did amazing work in the garden yesterday. He weeded and cleaned garden beds and began the huge job of mowing the terraces. Today he is watering. We have had a little rain, but not enough to do much good.

It is 1 week and 5 days until my cast comes off. I can’t wait to be able to get around the garden and take photos of the growing plants.

At the moment I am restricted to the level where the house is. The wisteria on the pergola is about to bloom.

The ranunculas are colourful.

Rosebuds are appearing.

There will be much more soon.

Tuscany and several other regions will become yellow zones from Monday 26th April. This means bars and restaurants will be open for outdoor dining for lunch and dinner. There will still be restrictions, with masks and distancing, but it will be excellent to have lunch away from home.


  1. How wonderful to be out and about on a beautiful day! And five minutes at the Questura? Amazing!! One for the record books. I wish you continued good healing.

    • It was a complete surprise. I always feel like a criminal when I go to the Questura. Perhaps it is the finger printing. I don’t suppose it will ever happen again.

  2. Keep the wheelchair and get a leg brace and pull it out every year at renewal time….front of the queue guaranteed 😉

    • Believe me, it is tempting.

  3. When I lived in Italy, even mailing a letter or paying a bill took forever. Keep the wheelchair or a handy walker for next year. Beautiful! When do Italians think people from USA may be traveling there again?

    • You could lose the will to live in an Italian post office. I have to brace myself every time I enter. There is talk of some restrictions on travel happening in June. Tuscany and several other regions will be yellow zones from Monday 26th April and restrictions will slowly be lifted over the next couple of months.

  4. We were amazed at only 15 minutes in the questura di immigrazione in Siena to get fingerprinted, check our documents, and to pick up our new Permessi- only good until 37 dec 2021! We were scheduled to pick them up by March 2020, but they were ready early, and we had just left italy, not able to return until 2 April this year: vaccinated, with tampone within 48 hours of arrival, an sn antigen test! Siena only sees immigranti with an appointment. We ci scheduled it the day after we arrived, noting a 14- quarantine since we were coming from the US. I hope they keep the process unchanged, as we also are used to waiting 2-4 hours.

    Hope you get better soon. Nice to visit Lucca, no? It’s a favorite destination for us when we have a car…. which is rarely. We have brought our teenage grandkids there, in their 4-5 week individual visits with us. While each has different interests, they all loved Lucca.

    As for zoning. All of our friends are concerned about becoming a yellow zone, as we will be invaded by Romans carrying the virus. Our numbers here in Pienza are very low due to be no tourists. That is a mixed bag, but everyone agrees that in weighing euros and the virus, they would rather be virus free!

    • I had an appointment, but this usually means little. I hope I get to pick up my Permesso in a couple of weeks. I will be out of my cast by then, I hope! I could probably still manage a limp.
      As you say, loosening restrictions is a mixed bag. There have been a lot of protests by restaurant and business owners and I understand that. Many businesses will not survive this. At least this year the vaccine should start to help with the virus. I will be getting mine as soon as I can.

  5. beautiful flowers x

    • My garden is starting to look lovely. I do love spring.

  6. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy the garden now with things beginning to bloom. Not a bad way to spend some time! Let’s hope we can all move forward and have a better summer this year.

    • I am frustrated that I can’t work in my garden, but it is great to see things growing after a slow start. I would love to see the vaccines delivered so we can open up and resume some kind of normal life.

  7. A moon boot got me some concessions. Returning from a business trip in Sydney, the Qantas desk attendant saw the moon boot protecting the broken bone in my foot and agreed to putting me on an earlier flight.
    Deb, a moon boot and rented wheelchair might be enough for the next venture to the Post Office.
    How is your leg feeling?

    • I doubt it would do much good in the post office. Fortunately I don’t have to go there often. The ankle Is getting better every day and I am edging closer to being able to walk.

  8. Great to hear the cast will soon be coming off. It will seem strange at first & your skin will look awful, but all will be good. Am sure you loved the sunny walk (wheel) in Lucca & the trees looked fabulous. The ranuculas looked so happy and colourful. Hope all continues to improve in Italy it must be so hard for businesses.

    • I am expecting my leg to look a bit strange when the cast comes off. I hope I will be able to walk on it even if I am a bit slow. A walk on the wall of Lucca is always a tonic, especially on a gorgeous spring day. Having lunch at a restaurant will be wonderful.

  9. Congrats. Wheelchair offered the perfect effect??? Pull it out next time too. 😎

    • It was a happy surprise, one tiny benefit from the misery of the injury.

  10. Perhaps the pandemia is making public servants more humane….

    • That is a happy thought! The kind lady who helped me is the same one who gave me information when I needed it along the Permesso path.

  11. I think this is your third post since the ‘incidente’. Every time I wanted to write, make a comment about your determination, wisdom to even add an ironic quote ‘Life is filled with twists and turns’…imagine, right after you’d just done THAT literally!! I winced at the procedure, but again I thought you strong and tenacious; facing what lay ahead with a positive attitude, despite what a huge set-back it was/is. Blessed to heal and recuperate in such a heavenly spot; also, it seems, with good friends – a kind, dependable care-giver (mostly of your garden) who you can rely on. And so, I’ve said it now; when the shock of having our house hit by a wayward driver has worn down a little; I hope I have your luck with the insurance company that you did with the Questura….yes, I recommend some additional ‘props’ when you need to have these appts. ….have you tried them at the P.Office? You’ve made the most/best of an additional challenge; following the protocol for protecting your movements despite the cumbersome attachment; will, no doubt, have paid off remarkably; you’ll soon be navigating all that beauty on your land, even checking out the new irrigation system. I have wondered how that installation has gone and how the road renewal is progressing; the helicopter post was fascinating, btw. With envy I wish you a lovely lunch outdoors, in the piazza, somewhere with beautiful food to photo; eagerness for your future posts, filled with an abundance of eye candy. May you continue to get stronger and regain power in all limbs, so you can further enjoy your charmed Life and share it with us lucky recipients. Many good wishes!

    • Having a car crash into your house sounds like a nightmare! I hope nobody was hurt. Life can change in a second and it is a reminder to make the most of every day.
      I have just 11 days to go until the cast comes off and I regain some mobility.
      I have little to complain about. I am being taken care of and I have everything I need.
      The mess that is happening in the world right now is depressing. Perhaps the pandemic will help a reset, but I doubt it. I wish the world was a kinder, less greedy place.

  12. Your Questura experience in a wheelchair and plaster cast made me think of Mr Bean and what uses he would dream up for the future. I’m so glad you’re progressing well and have such lovely helpers. As always, I just fall into your photos

    • I have just over a week to go until the cast comes off. I am looking forward to freedom.

  13. I’m glad to hear that it went quickly. Maybe that’s the secret all along (although a big price to pay for efficiency). I hope you are healing well and being well looked after Debra 🙂

    • I think it might be a price too big to pay for speed at the Questura. I hope I am never in this position again. Just over a week now until the cast comes off and I regain some freedom…can’t wait.

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