Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 3, 2021

Daffodils and peonies

Our run of fine, sunny days continues. It is glorious up here at Casa Debbio. Every morning when I walk along the paths of the garden something new has appeared.
Daffodils are in flower all over the garden. Bees have arrived and love the daffodils.

In the last photo you can see a tiny peony plant on the left. It is one I have grown from seed. I thought it might be big enough to survive out of its pot in a garden bed…we will see.

A lone yellow hyacinth has grown among the daffodils.

There are only about 6 peonies left to make an appearance. Some are pink points poking through the dirt, some are quite advanced and a couple already have tiny buds.

Hellebores are growing well under the cherry tree. I planted this a few years ago and it gets a bit bigger each year.

There are a couple of new hellebores on the terrace below the house. They got flattened under deep snow but seem to be OK. Hellebores grow wild in the forest around Casa Debbio, but these are cultivated and come in a variety of colours.

My pansy table is growing.


The weeping cherries will soon be in flower.

The view will soon change when things turn green.

At the moment I can still see the road to the house. Once the trees have leaves I will have to rely on sound to let me know of arrivals.

All of my fruit trees have tiny buds. The weather is expected to change later this week with cooler, wet weather returning. This might slow things a bit, but spring is definitely not far away.



  1. Beautiful photographs and wish I was there x

    • Vergemoli is lovely right now.

  2. What an interesting & exciting time of the year for you Debra. Sunny days make us feel good & happy and the sight of new growth encouraging. We look forward to seeing how your garden grows.

    • It has been interesting to see a whole year of seasons here. It seems like yesterday that I was talking to my peonies each day to encourage them to grow. My weeping cherries are going to be gorgeous in a matter of weeks.

  3. Thank you for this Joy and Hope full post…..wonderful you can experience and enjoy it first hand; and we do too through your eyes, photographic skills.You’ve managed a whole year; bet you never thought it would come to pass; but you’ve been lucky. Eagerly awaiting further posts as your beautiful ‘back 40’ continues to wake up; in no time at all you’ll be baking a rhubarb pie!! I’m sure a great deal of heaviness has lifted; bless you and all the beautiful gifts you share with us, much gratitude.

    • Spring is such a lovely time to be in my garden. This warm weather has really moved things along. Lots of work is being done in the garden, with a new area being cleared. The old farm terraces will be redefined and new planting done.

  4. How beautiful Debra! Glad you’re enjoying the sunshine and I just love your garden. 😊

    • The garden grows daily. It is such fun to watch things you have planted spring into life…as you would know.

  5. Oh Deb…. Springtime in the northern hemisphere is glorious!! I just love the way everything just rushes to get the job done and present us with fabulous new life, green vistas and colour!! The changing seasons is what I miss most….
    I hope you are well. Have you had your jab yet? Is Jim still expecting to join you this month?
    Look after yourself and enjoy the best of all seasons.

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    • I love the change of seasons here, especially spring and autumn. My garden is a delight and I am happy to be here right now.
      I am hoping to be vaccinated in April if things go well.
      It is doubtful that Jim will be coming soon. I am starting to be very cross with the Australian government. The vaccine rollout is pitiful. We have a relatively small population, a reasonably good health care system and stuff all is happening…WHY?
      The government also needs to find a way to manage home quarantine to allow stranded Australian to come home at reasonable cost. I am OK, I have a home here and am not in danger of losing a job or business, but many people are truly stuck.

  6. Beautiful flowers and photos! Spring is in the air!

    • This current run of fine, warm weather is moving growth quickly. I don’t suppose it will last, but I am enjoying the sunshine while I have it.

  7. Oh the joys of Spring to gladden the heart. Beautiful.

    • It really is a delight to go out each morning and watch things grow.

  8. How beautiful. I love the change of seasons in the northern hemisphere and i so love the sound of bees in blossoms. Your yellow hyacinth is stunning – i should so love to be walking those paths. Breathe it all in Deb.

    • It is a lovely time to be here. We still have restrictions on movement, that is OK. I enjoy being here to watch the garden grow.

  9. So lovely to see the seasons change.

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