Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 23, 2020

The last of autumn colour

My view from Casa Debbio changes every day. Autumn has been spectacular this year, but perhaps I am just seeing it more because the restrictions mean I have more time to notice my surroundings.

Strong wind recently means the last of the autumn leaves will soon be gone.

Here are some views from Casa Debbio.

The view changes constantly with the weather.

I like the way the garden looks on misty days.

My favourite tree is the weeping cherry on the corner of the driveway leading to the house. In spring it is full of pink blossom, and now the leaves are gone, the last of them blew away in the wind.

The persimmon tree has lots of fruit. I planted this tree because I love the look of them, the actual fruit is secondary.

Two big chestnut trees in front of the house have lost their leaves.

The kiwi vine excelled this year. I picked 220 kiwi 🥝. I will be giving most of them away.

The weather has been quite warm for this time of the year and I was surprised to find some wild daisies behind the house.

The last of the lavender is about to be pruned.

I picked enough olives to soak them in brine to make them edible.

I have a couple of caper plants growing from walls. I hope they survive their first winter.

Pumpkins are in season so I made a pumpkin and feta tart. I planted pumpkins in spring but they were eaten by wild animals. I also attempted ricotta truffle tortino, with limited success.

My cheerful frog will have to come indoors for the winter.

Freezing winds have now blown most of the leaves from the trees. Snow has fallen on some of the higher mountains in the area and may even fall here in the next week. The days are still warm and sunny, but the mornings and evenings are quite cold.  Casa Debbio faces south and the sun shines on us all day when clouds don’t cover it.


  1. For me the persimmon fruit are the prize and the fact that the trees are also attractive is a double bonus. My tree in Brisbane has dropped all its baby fruit this year so I definitely have persimmon envy! Alison

    • I don’t dislike persimmons, but they are not my favourite fruit. That would be mangoes. I won’t be getting any of those for a while.

  2. Magical photos as usual, Deb. How wonderful to watch the seasons change. Persimmons look great. xx

    • Autumn here has been lovely. The persimmons look great all by themselves on the tree. They are almost ready to eat.

  3. What beautiful colours! Look at those beautiful persimmons too. Are they the soft or crunchy ones? I do love the look of them too but I like the taste of them also.

    • The persimmons are the soft variety, but I also have a couple of trees with the crunchy texture. They are still young and have only produced a few fruit.

  4. beautiful colours and scenery.

    • The views from Casa Debbio are spectacular. I spend a lot of time in the garden and love watching things change throughout the day.

  5. What season is not spectacular at Casa Debbio?!

    • Yes, it is always lovely up here in the mountains, but spring and autumn are special.

  6. Your home Casa Debbio looks in an ideal situation so you have sun on it in winter & it looks lovely at the moment surrrounded by Autumn leaves. The mists rolling through the hills & valleys are fascinating to watch. Love all photos & look forward to next views of winter & snow.

    • Winter is lovely up here except when it rains a lot. I don’t like being stuck inside. I do like it when we get snow for a few days.

  7. Beautiful impressions from your Casa, especially the mist rolling in, gives it the real mystery of autumn.

    • I love those misty mornings. It is great to look out of the bedroom window in the morning to see what kind of day it will be.

  8. Great photos! If you need someone to eat all the persimmon fruits, I happily volunteer!

    • Filippo is a big fan. I will eat a couple and will make jam from some of the kiwis. I am currently missing the delicious mangoes that are in season at home.

  9. Deb you hand Jim have done an incredible job – the gardens are absolutely stunning and have grown so much since I have been there!

    • It is going to be amazing in spring if all the new plantings grow.

  10. One can have their good intentions buried these days – but catching up I wanted to pop in a word or two for this post. Brilliant, delicious – thank YOU!

    • Autumn was gorgeous here this year. Now the leaves have fallen and the winter landscape is appearing. I like that too, but I don’t care much for the short days and being forced inside mid afternoon. It will pass and beautiful spring will be here.

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