Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 20, 2020

Rain at last

Finally rain has arrived at Casa Debbio.

We have had almost no rain since the beginning of March. My grass was dry and crisp and the fruit trees were badly in need of a good soaking.  This has been a strange spring for many reasons.

The garden is growing and will do even better with this rain.

The quince tree is covered with flowers.

The cherry blossoms are falling and tiny cherries will soon appear.

The kiwi vines are doing well.

The May bushes are flowering.

The weeping cherry has leaves.

Lilacs are flowering.

Wisteria is still growing over the pergola in front of the house and beginning on the one on the side.

Bleeding heart flowers are delightful.

The Judas tree is bright pink. It is still a baby, only about 2 metres high. It will get bigger and better.

My peonies are opening daily.

Lockdown continues and life goes on. A few small restrictions have been lifted and I felt it would be OK to go down to Ponte a Serraglio to collect a few things from our apartment. I went early in the morning, spoke to nobody, and quickly gathered what I needed.

It is very sad to see my little village looking so forlorn. Bar Italia is closed and there is no life in the piazza. It makes me realise how protected I am from the reality of this lockdown. I have my garden to walk in and looking after my plants gives me something to do. I feel desperately sorry for those shut inside for weeks and those having to work on the frontline to keep things going.

I did my weekly shop on my return from Ponte and gathered some plants from the nursery. Here is my haul.

Filippo and I spent the next day planting geraniums and continuing to fill gaps in the garden.

We also converted an old table into a planter. I can’t wait to see how the flowers fill the top.

With the rain coming I picked a few peonies and snowballs to have inside so I could enjoy them. They get sodden in the rain and droop with the weight of the water.

I hope you are all doing well in the lockdown. I wonder when it will be over.


  1. Your beautiful garden must be very happy

    • I think I can hear the grass growing.

  2. We hope to return to Bagni di Lucca in July. Thanks for the updates.

    • Let’s hope we can all travel by July. I have a ticket home on 1st July and I will be ready to go by then.

  3. Beautiful Garden. Wish I was in Italy. What is the name of the village that you can see from your terrace?

    • Casa Debbio is just outside Vergemoli, the village you can see. It seems far away, but it is only a 10 minute walk or a couple of minutes by car.

  4. Such very beautiful blossoms. The peonies in the house must make your heart sing when you look at them. Glad you had some needed rain.

    • I love my peonies. It is great that they bloom over several weeks.

  5. So pleased that it has finally rained. Your garden and lawn will respond well to the rain water. We too have had some rain to cheer up our garden, I think the winter rains have started here.

    • The rain was a bit light, but better than nothing. More is forecast for next week. I hope your garden is doing well.

  6. Just beautiful Deb

    • It is truly gorgeous up here…a good place to be in this worldwide mess.

  7. Beautiful garden. Thank you for sharing.

    • The garden is getting prettier every day.

  8. Your garden is so lovely, Debra! I especially like the wisteria a the peonies.

    • The garden is a delight and the rain will certainly help it along.

  9. Simply stunning Debra ; you have such green thumbs and the table looks amazing . Thank you for sharing and may your village spring back to life soon . Love and thoughts from Oz.

    • The table should look great when the flowers grow. I am impatient and want immediate results, but gardens don’t work that way.

  10. Luckily Australia & NZ seem to have got onto it early and hopefully our restrictions will soon begin to be lifted – NZ is beginning to lift some restrictions

    • Yes, Australia and New Zealand seem to be OK. I think some restrictions will begin to lift here on 4th May as well. I hope so.

  11. We look forward to seeing photos of your beautiful garden & today’s a delight. Love the weeping cherry, your wisteria & the beautiful peonies. Your home must look beautiful with fresh flowers. I am sure your visit to Ponte a Serraglio was sad & nostalgic with no one around & no spring flowers on the bridge. Hope we all come through this soon.

    • It was sad to go to Ponte. I did put flowers on the bridge before I left, but they are not doing well without me there to water them. I don’t think they will survive.

  12. I was just going to ask about the bridge flowers. Hopefully, the rain will revive them, at least a little. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

    • The rain might help. A friend has watered them a couple of times. This is an ongoing issue even when there is not a lockdown. When I am not around it is very difficult to find people to care for the bridge flowers. It is disappointing.

  13. Deb things are getting better here. Queensland’s numbers are really squashing. The weather is insanely glorious at the moment but sadly ocean swimming is still off the agenda .

    • The numbers are going down here. I hope some restrictions will be lifted after May 3rd.

  14. Your garden is An absolute picture Debi. Queensland is doing fairly well with small restrictions being lifted next week. Hopefully it goes well. Stay well Debi; such a perfect place to lockdown.

  15. How can one place be so beautiful?

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