Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 17, 2019

April flowers at Casa Debbio

My garden is growing at Casa Debbio. We have had some rain and lovely sunshine to speed things along. The weather has been patchy and not all that warm. We had snow on nearby mountains last week.

Our biggest cherry tree has bloomed and soon there will be tiny cherries appearing.

My favourites, the peonies, are developing at different times. Some are still just poking their heads through the soil while some are flowering.

My most favourite peony, the one that gets more than 50 blooms, is well on the way.

This year I have planted Schiaparelli pink geraniums in the pots around the house.

Red ones are planted on the terrace beside the house. There are violets and little white flowers under the pots. I planted the white ones last year and they appeared to drop dead immediately, but they reappeared thus year…what a surprise!

Lilacs are flowering for the first time.

Rhododendrons are looking gorgeous.

Yellow tulips appeared.

Wisteria is about to bloom.

I have planted lupins in the hope they will spread over the terraces.

Roses are about to appear.

The kiwi plants are growing like mad.

The sage has grown yellow flowers.


Aquilegias are popping up all over the place.

Tiny grape hyacinths have bloomed and are on the way out.

I’m hoping the petunias will spill over their pots soon.

At the moment the garden is still patchy…I want it all to happen now! In a few weeks the lavender will be looking great and the paths will smell delicious when I brush past the lavender flowers. It is fun to watch the garden change every day.

Here are my newly planted red geraniums enjoying the view and some spring sunshine.


June would be the perfect time to stay at our lovely Tuscan house.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Cannot wait to enjoy it in person tomorrow….

    • Filippo is here mowing and all looks good.

  3. Hi Debra, Your garden is so divine. You must feel so rewarded for your efforts.
    The peonies are beautiful. What is the name of the village on the ridge behind? Is it Bagni di Lucca? Louise

    • The village is Vergemoli. Our house is a 10 minute walk from there. It looks far away, but isn’t. Our apartment is in Bagni di Lucca.

  4. Absolutely beautiful Deb.

    • Thank you, when are you coming back to see it?

  5. Just so lovely to see the blooms.

    • It is wonderful. There are about 6 more peonies about to flower. We have about 70 now.

  6. Stunning as always. You do a great job.

  7. Looking beautiful!

    • Thank you. It will be even better in a few weeks.

  8. What a magnificent sight. So much colour and beauty. 😍

    • It is looking great. We need some more rain to help it along.

  9. Gorgeous! The colours are stunning. What a lovely garden to enjoy 🌺🌸🌹

    • It is a delight to wander about in the morning to see what is growing.

  10. It looks spectacular <3 I can't even remember what my garden looks like – its all so grey and gloomy still!

    • I live to watch the plants reappear after winter.

  11. Simply gorgeous!

    • It is lovely and will be at its best in about a month.

  12. Your garden is like a canvas and you’re painting a masterpiece. The blossoms are so lovely. It’s all good for the soul. Are there many bees?

    • It is coming along nicely. There are not a lot of bees yet. It is still a bit cold. Bumblebees are about.

  13. You garden looks amazing!!! So many beautiful flowering plants and in the background are majestic high mountains. Certainly it is a great place to live.

    • Casa Debbio is in a gorgeous setting. We face south so we have sunshine all day.

  14. O, to be in Italy, now that April’s here! ( with apologies to Mr Robert Browning) …

    • Spring is a lovely time to be here.

  15. Is early May a good month weather wise?

    • Usually May is good, but weather patterns are constantly changing. We have had some gorgeous April days, but it is cool and we need rain.
      I think April/May is the perfect time to visit Italy.

  16. Absolutely beautiful!

  17. I really wish I was better at gardening because I enjoy flowers so much. What a spectacular garden.

  18. I never tire of seeing your gorgeous garden. I live in South Carolina and we have all kinds of flowering wonders, but seeing the way you’ve produced your garden is just magical. I promise you one day, I will come….

  19. Your gardens are always lovely but I’m sure you are happy to be there in the spring when everything is just starting to show off.

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