Posted by: Debra Kolkka | July 25, 2018

The last vineyard in Paris

It is quite a surprise to find a tiny vineyard in the heart of Paris. On a slope not far Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre vines are growing behind a high fence.

Vineyard Paris

They are well cared for and were growing beautufully in spring when we visited.

Vineyard Paris

The grapes are mainly Pinot Noir and Gamay varieties. 800 bottles are produced each year and they are auctioned with the proceeds going to charity.


  1. Deb you find incredibly fascinating subjects for your posts – this is fantastic

    • It is a pretty little vineyard.

  2. What a surprise to find this little vineyard.

    • It is a lovely area. We would like to stay here one day.

  3. The vineyard was started back in the X Century by the monks of the Montmartre Abbey. It produced wine for the locals for many centuries, although it was not of good quality. It was replanted in 1933 with different varieties and nowadays it has an oenology in charge of the production. The vineyard is smaller than the original one as several parcels were sold out when the Abbey became empoverished.
    In any case, it is quite an unusual find in practically downtown Paris,

    • Thank you for the extra information. It’s great that it is still there.

  4. Wow that is fascinating Debra. I had no idea!

    • It is tucked away in a back street behind the church

      • SO magical! Would love to see it someday myself.

  5. Have been to Paris many times but did not find this place! Net time! Thanks for the info. Love from Audrey as well.

    • The whole area around the vineyard is gorgeous. I hope you are both well.

  6. Just love unexpected treasures like this one!

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