Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 26, 2018

Magnificent duomo

I went to Florence on Saturday. It was a gorgeous winter day with blue sky and sunshine.

The Duomo looked magnificent with its bright blue backdrop.







The baptistery is out from under scaffolding and looking bright and new.


The view from Ponte Vecchio was great too.


Florence was absolutely crowded. I wonder if there is an off season here any more.

The weather has turned really cold. There is a howling wind and snow in the mountains around us…a good day to stay home with the heater on.


  1. Hello Debra, I enjoyed 5 weeks from late November in Jan’s centro apartment and the reduced tourist numbers were not too onerous. From 1 January I stayed in an apartment in San Niccolo & life in Firenze without the tour groups, & tourist hordes, was simply wonderful. Venezia from just prior to Xmas until early New Year was a delight! Thanks for your informative blogs!

    • Jan’s apartment is fabulous. I’m pleased you had a great time in Italy.

  2. Beautiful sky – there was a time when Florence was quiet in winter – not anymore !!

    • It was certainly very busy on Saturday, but still great.

  3. Such a magnificent piece of architecture. 🙂

  4. Yesterday, Sunday, was a different picture in Florence. Cloudy sky with light snow flurries from early afternoon. Certainly subdued the crowds on the streets.

    • We had fierce winds and snow flurries too, a good day to stay inside.

  5. One of my dream destinations in Italy. I was actually thinking of going to Rome for October this year, and I did some research about Florence as well. However, it seems like that trip isn’t going to happen. But Florence’s Duomo still is very high on my wish list!

    • I hope you make it to Italy one day soon.

  6. I really prefer a sunny winter day in Florence to a steamy summer day there. And although there are tourists in all seasons, there seems to be less in the middle of winter. But staying home will be advisable as cold weather is coming.

    • I prefer winter too. The freezing winds have arrived, so staying indoors is the best option.

  7. Just beautiful! Stay warm!

    • Cold doesn’t bother me, but the wind is a bit unpleasant.

  8. I remembered being there late November. It was crowded every day until one day it rained and Florence is back to tranquility. I remembered I said to myself – I love Florence in the rain.

    • I love Florence anytime, but I prefer the winter months.

  9. I know I’m a bit odd…. but howling wind and threatening snow sounds terrific!!! Florence looks beautiful x

    • I’m not sure you would like the wind we had the other night. I thought the house might blow over.

  10. Sights of the Duomo never get old. 🙂

    • Never.

      • Too bad crowds are getting bigger in Florence. It is such a wonderful place to mindlessly stroll with only a few people present.

  11. What camera are u using Debra?

    • A Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ200

  12. Amazing building!

    • It is wonderful. I always visit when I go to Florence.

  13. I wonder if there is ever a day when Florence is not crowded too.

    • Sometimes I get lucky, but not often.

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