Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 21, 2017

Goodbye spring, hello autumn

I am about to leave beautiful spring in Brisbane.

Spring Brisbane

I will arrive in Italy to enjoy wonderful autumn.


Brisbane breakfast…

Brisbane breakfast

will be exchanged for Italian breakfast.

Italian breakfast

I love both places. I am keen to get get back to Italy and my garden at Casa Debbio. Filippo, who takes care of things while we are away, has told us cinghiale have been digging up the garden looking for food. I hope they haven’t caused too much damage.

I will be heading up to Paris to see the Dior Exhibition and south to Sorrento to visit my relatives. I am planning a few more excursions as well. I hope you will all join me for some new adventures.


  1. Hope your garden is looking good for the Fall. Travel safe – I will be in touch from the USA. Give my love to your beautiful village. Bon voyage Deb.

    • You too! We will both be in the northern hemisphere for a while.

  2. Wishing you happy travels, Deb. Hope your garden hasn’t been too damaged, looking forward to following your excursions.

    • It has been such a dry, hot summer I suppose the cinghiale came looking for some nice green grass.

  3. How lucky you are…..hope the gardens are not too damaged…..

    • I hope so too. Wild goats are usually our biggest problem, but the lure of some green grass proved too tempting for the wild boar.

  4. Have a wonderful time back in Italy and we are looking forward seeing your posts. Xx

    • I am keen to get back and resume my Italian life.

  5. The best of both worlds! Enjoy my friend… see you in December Jx

    • Yes, I love both places. See you in a couple of months.

  6. Autumn is always my favourite season. The colors are beautiful and the climate is perfect. Have a safe trip and I hope that the cinghiale had not caused too much damage.

    • I love autumn, especially driving in the mountains with the leaves falling all around.

  7. We are doing the opposite for a visit downunder to see family and friends before we venture back to Spain to another housesit! Love the Autumn photo!

    • That is taken in Vergemoli, near our mountain house. I love it there.

  8. It seems only a few weeks back you had mentioned going back to Aus. Time flies!! Buon viaggio. Give Italy my love …..<3

    • It was 3 months ago that I left Italy, time flies. I will give Italy a big hug for you.

  9. Delightful…I look forward to hearing more

  10. Enjoy Autumn Deb. I have my Italian family living back here in Perth now and loving it. Hopefully they are here to stay.

    • We are coming your way at Christmas. We must get together.

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