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Snorkelling in Silfra

One of the highlights of our Iceland trip was snorkelling in a freezing lake. I didn’t do it, but I did get to watch our friends Jodie, Allan and Hannah. Jodie was the superstar planner of our Iceland visit and Allan did a great job driving us all over Iceland.

Dive Silfra ( organises fabulous diving or snorkelling experiences in one of the top dive sites in the world. Jodie chose the Silfra fissure site, the only place where you can dive or snorkel in the crack between 2 continental plates. The underwater visibility is over 100 metres. The water comes from the nearby Lanjokull glacier. It is filtered through porous underground lava for 30 – 100 years until it reaches the north end of the Thinvellir lake.

The water is always between 2 and 4 degrees. I couldn’t snorkel because I get asthma caused by temperature changes and I am only just under the 65 age limit. I was happy to watch, especially when I saw the procedure to prepare for the event.

We arrived bright and early to the preparation area.

First of all our snorkellers put on their thermals…who doesn’t love a onesie, especially one with an escape hatch in the back?

Then came the dry suits.

Neck bands, head covers and gloves came next.

Jodie had room for someone else in her dry suit.

Then they were off to the water.

The instructor gathered the group for final instructions.

The water is very cold. The snorkellers were instructed to put their faces into the water. Apparently they go numb quite quickly…sounds like fun.

The instructor soon got them moving through the water.

From above we could tell they were having a great time. They were certainly excited as the appeared above the water and they were helped to take their flippers and head covers off.

All 3 declared it was the best thing they had ever done. The cold water didn’t seem to be a bother at all.

Then it was back to base with excited chatter all the way. The suits were hauled off and there was a welcome hot chocolate.

Thank you to the wonderful guide Deyan.

Here are some photos Deyan took from his perspective.

He even managed one of me and Jodie’s Dad.

These were taken by the snorkellers.

…and a video.


Jodie did an amazing job making plans for our Iceland trip. She sniffed out all the best places to go. If you are thinking of visiting Iceland let me know and I will put you in touch with her.



  1. What an amazing experience 😉

    • If only I was younger…and didn’t get asthma!

  2. It looks like an incredible experience. In any case, had I been there, I would have joined you to watch the others do it…..😉

    • Watching was good enough for me.

  3. Hi Deb… another interesting story .. what a fabulous place to visit and you look really well !! Hope to see you soon Jxx

    • The curse of being older! I would love to have jumped in that water.

  4. What an incredible experience! That’s on my list now 😀

    • Go to Iceland, it is fabulous.

  5. What a thrill! The underwater shots are fabulous. I had to giggle about the “onesies” – but I didn’t ‘get’ “escape hatch” – but then, I did:):):)

    • I wonder why it was just the girls with the zips.

  6. Great underwater photos…what a great experience for the divers.

    • I would have loved to jump in, but I was happy to watch.

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  8. I’ve never had asthma but I would definitely develop it if I had to do that. Still, looked like they enjoyed themselves.

    • I would love to have done this.

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