Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 8, 2017

Portovenere by the sea

Portovenere is one of our favourite seaside towns to visit. Our Australian friends visited this week and we chose one of the fine days for a day trip to this lovely town. It is just north of La Spezia in Liguria.

There is a pretty shopping street above the restaurants that line the seaside. The entrance is through this old arched portal. I have written a few posts about Portovenere so  will try not to repeat myself.

At the end of the street, the wonderful church at the edge of town appears. It was a busy spring day and there were more people about than on previous visits.

Through the opening in the wall leading up to the church, and down the rocky slope is where Byron jumped in to begin his swim across the bay to Lerici.


Nearby the lonely lady is still looking out to sea.

So is this seagull.

Look up to see the fort above the town.

On the way up to the fort is this beautiful church.

The view from the top is excellent.

Portovenere is a place to be visited often.





  1. Where did you park?

    • There is a car park along the water, but in summer you may have to park up the hill and walk down. There is some public parking at the hotel as you come down to the sea. I think it is called Grande.

  2. Beautiful photos, Debra. Love the statue and the seagull. 🙂

    • Portovenere is a stunning place.

  3. It’s one of my favourite places too, your photos have brought back happy memories.

    • I hope you return soon.

  4. Portovenere is beautiful. See our recent take on it including the castle, a good place to eat and a vintage car rally at

  5. When we return to Italy next spring we are going to stay in Portovenere around Easter. We’ve never visited and we are long overdue for a stay. There’s nothing like a charming seaside village with a nice plate of pesto trophie or fritti di mare and colorful boats bobbing on the sparkling sea. We have hiked the trails in 5T a few times before so next trip we hope to also explore SML and Portofino instead….thanks Debra, for once again keeping our interest peaked in this beautiful part of Italia!

    • The whole area is delightful and there are boats to take you to Cinque Terre and other places.

  6. Looks wonderful and especially on a blue sky day. Great shots through the archways especially, and the lady and the gull looking out to sea. Looking forward to your next posts from your Grecian holiday soon.

    • Portvenere is heavenly, especially on a lovely day.

  7. I so enjoy going about Italy with you.

    • I’m happy to have you along for the ride.

  8. Hi Deb!! I love the benign almost laughing little dragon!! What a magical place and stunning sky…Jxx

    • We have something similar to put up at Casa Debbio.

  9. It’s such a beautiful place and what times it has seen – the view through that ancient arch always gives me goosebumps as does the lonely longing on the face of the lonely lady. I love the photo of the ancient plaque framed by the laundry. Have you tried the olive oil cakes?

    • I haven’t tried the olive oil cakes…next time. I liked the sign…recept

  10. Such a beautiful part of Italy. I don’t think you would every tire of these views.

    • It is a gorgeous place. We are lucky to be near enough to visit regularly.

  11. I think must be such a thrill collecting things on your travels for beautiful Casa Debbio

    • It is, but we have to stop now…although there is always room for something else in the garden.

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