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At the beach

In a couple of weeks I will be heading back to Italy. One of the things I miss about Australia when I am there is the beach. I think we have some of the best beaches in the world here. One of my favourite beaches is Noosa, not far from home.

Take a look…I am sure you will agree that is is an excellent beach.





The beach is lined with restaurants and places to stay. There is nothing over 3 levels and I think it looks great. Beaches in Australia are free and everyone has access.


The water is clean and clear.


On my early morning swim I looked down to see whiting and  bream swimming by. I can’t show you because I don’t have a waterproof camera, but I could have reached out and touched them.

Around the headland is Little Cove…a little slice of heaven.

Little Cove

We booked our stay at the end of the summer holidays here in Queensland. Children have gone back to school and the beach is now quiet…the way I like it.

Noosa is an excellent place for holidays by the sea. The beach is beautiful, the sea is relatively safe with no huge waves and there is a lovely walk around the coast. Care has been taken to provide wooden boardwalks beside the sea to help preserve the trees and vegetation. It is not unusual to see a koala in the eucalypt trees along the path. We walked along the path this morning.




There is a great view from the path back to the main beach.




There is also a view of a fabulous house on First Point…the best position  in town.


There are some lovely rain forest walks along the path.


We took a boat down the Noosa river to Tewantin. There are some enormous, expensive houses on one side of the river and national park on the other side. Dozens of houseboats are anchored…I even found one for sale for you.


The river is lovely, I recommend the boat ride.



I hate to drag myself away from Noosa, but it will still be here when I return from Italy. I have been visiting Noosa since the 1960s and I hope to continue for some time to come.


  1. The Sunshine Coast is a real gem!

  2. One of my favourite places too, Debra ….

    • I love Noosa! I could live there.

  3. I want your beach – mine is cold and windy!

    • Noosa beach is wonderful. I would love to be able to swim there every day.

  4. I would have a very hard time leaving such a beautiful place, especially since it is still winter on this side of the world. Would love to visit Australia one day.

    • I didn’t want to leave, but there are so many places I like to be.

  5. Can only dream of such a beautiful place at the moment…cold and the ground is snow covered.

    • It has been very hot here and we can’t be floating in the sea all day. I am actually looking forward to some cold weather.

  6. Wow!

    • Yes, this is a very beautiful place.

  7. And the water temperature — isn’t it the best?

    • The water was the perfect temperature.

  8. Gorgeous, I’m enjoying the summer here too, camping, swimming and sunning. I love the pic of the inside out brolly 🙂 I wonder if it brew out in the breeze or if she likes it like that for the perfect sun and shade angle.

    • There was only a light wind, so I don’t know what happened to the umbrella. I don’t sit on the beach. I like to walk along the sand, have a swim and leave. I find it quite boring to just lie in the sun.

  9. Love Noosa – we used to go every school holidays – 4 times a year & when Nick was quite young always to Little Cove – brings back memories

    • I love the place. I don’t know why we don’t go more often.

  10. Memories of my five days there last June. I think I cried a bit when I had to leave.

    • I can understand why you would be sad to leave. I would love to be able to swim at Little Cove every day.

  11. So gorgeous!! And at times when I see overseas beaches I realise how great ours are.

    • I think this I should one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. As well as the beach there are great shops, excellent restaurants…what more could you want?

  12. Thanks for the tour. Looks like a great beach.

    • It is a beautiful beach…I wish I was still there.

  13. Oh dear, Debra, you do NOT want to come back to Italy from THAT! It is so gloomy here at the moment. And coooooooold. x

    • I am ready for some cold weather. It has been a very hot summer here.

  14. We forget how lucky we are here living in Australia. Thanks for the reminder Deb😎

    • It is a very good place to be.

  15. Once again great photos … I just love Noosa x

    • I love it too. We don’t go often enough.

  16. Safe travel home Debra

    • Thanks, we are back on hot Brisbane now,

  17. I’d love to visit Oz!It is my kind of place, especially the beaches. Thanks for this Debra!

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  19. That just looks magical! You’re so lucky to be able to experience that beautiful scenery in person.

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  21. This looks so amazing to me Debra. It is freezing cold here. Oh how I long for the beach!

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