Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 2, 2017

To market

I know I rave on about the wonderful food markets in Italy, but Australia does them very well too. I went to the Queen Victoria Market recently and the range of fresh produce was stunning.

This fresh produce is in the open air section of the market, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. There is also an excellent covered section with delicatessens, butchers, bakers, seafood and much more.

Queen Victoria markets

Queen Victoria markets

Queen Victoria markets

The market was begun in 1878 and was named, not for Queen Victoria, but because it is on the junction of Queen and Victoria streets.

The old building looks quaint among the ever growing towers which seem to be creeping closer.

Queen Victoria Market


The people of Melbourne are lucky to have this wonderful market in the city.


  1. I love that market – aren’t the colours wonderful and the smells in the delicatessen section make me want to fall face first into everything and eat my way out. Enjoyment of good, fresh food is something I am very grateful for.

    • The sight of all this wonderful produce makes me want to cook.

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  3. Lio Pieri


  4. The markets in Melbourne are amazing! I’ve never been to the Victoria one but the Prahran one was fabulous (but much smaller, I’m told)!

    • I love the Prahran market. My sister used to live nearby and I was a frequent visitor.

  5. Always go when visiting Nick

    • It is a wonderful place to shop.

  6. They are fabulous markets, the produce is very good. I agree with Jan’s comments above…would be a foodies delight to get locked in the deli section and have to eat your way out!!

    • There is so much to choose from!

  7. The Vic market is a world class market and prominent tourist attraction. Everything there is so tempting, I always end up with extra cheeses from the deli section.

    • It is world class…every bit as good as I have seen in other countries.

  8. Gorgeous images of the fresh produce.

    • It is a great place to shop.

  9. I LOVE the markets in Melbourne – just like this – NOTHING like that here in the midwest at all – nothing – the best i have ever seen for vegetables in is Aussie.. great pictures – I feel deeply envious c

    • We have a fabulous selection of fresh produce here in Australia.

  10. Hello Debra, I “popped” into your pop up shop before Xmas and we talked about having some cloths made. Can you kindly contact me regarding this, if you are free. Cheers, Sheryl Davis. >

    • I have sent you an email.

  11. Australia has some excellent produce. And Bowen mangoes are the best in the world!

    • I think I have eaten my body weight in mangoes this season…followed by cherries.

  12. Beautiful!! Looks every bit as good as Italy! What is that magenta pink think with green spiny leaves??

    • I think it is dragon fruit. I have not tried it, but it looks interesting.

  13. Love the QV markets and there are many more markets in Melbourne. The produce looks cheaper there than at our Power House markets in Brisbane!

    • It is quite a lot cheaper, but the seafood prices were much less than here. I was a bit shocked.

  14. An outstanding collection of colors … and the benefits of warm weather. 🙂

  15. Lovely. Just like Italy! 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness eye candy Debra! You sure have an incredible artistic gift for putting these galleries together! And believe it or not I remember this market from years ago when I was there!

  17. The sight of fresh produce is rare and delightful, especially in the West! Great clicks 🙂

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