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Twelve Apostles

The 12 Apostles are a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park on the southern coast of Victoria, 275 kilometres west of Melbourne. The name is a little curious as there were only ever 9 stacks. There are now 8 left after one collapsed in 2005.

We drove along the spectacular Great Ocean Road to reach the 12 Apostles. The coast is rugged and beautiful and the countryside dramatic. I would show you more, but almost every time we stopped the car to take photos it began to rain.

Great Ocean Rd

Great Ocean Rd

Great Ocean Rd

A howling wind greeted us as we stepped onto the viewing platform. I could barely stand, let alone hold the camera still, but I managed a few photos.

12 Apostles

12 Apostles

12 Apostles

12 Apostles

The Apostles are created by erosion. The harsh and extreme weather conditions from the Southern Ocean gradually erode the soft limestone cliffs to form caves, which then become arches. These then collapse and leaving rock stacks up to 50 metres high.

It is possible to see the effects of erosion on the nearest stack. The rate of erosion is about 2 centimetres a year. Wave action and wind is likely to produce more stacks in the future.

12 Apostles


12 Apostles

The cliffs were certainly taking a beating the day we visited.

12 Apostles

The viewing area is very well set up. There is an enormous car park beside the highway with an information centre. Access to the platform is via an underpass, making the car park a discrete distance from the 12 Apostles.

The Great Ocean Rd is an Australian National Heritage listed 244 kilometre stretch of road along the south east coast of Australia between Torquay and Allanford.

It was built by approximately 3,000 returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and dedicated to soldiers killed during WWI. Construction was done by hand; using explosives, pick and shovel, wheel barrows and some small machinery. It is difficult to drive along the road without thinking of the soldiers and the hardships they endured.




  1. So beautiful. I love a terrifically windy coast, and nature that’s left to its own devices. That was an outing after my own heart. Thanks for sharing, particularly as I am stuck in the urban rabbit-trail of Milan’s city center. This is just what I needed.

    • It is a beautiful coast. The rough weather suits it well.

  2. So then Debra —- R U still in Victoria ,if so , call in for a coffee 😜

    • I left on Saturday night. I wish I had known your were in town.

  3. I love motoring and have done many memorable drives, and do agree with you that the Great Ocean Road is one of the most magnificent drives anywhere . Your photos capture it very well.

    • It is one of the great drives in the world.

  4. That’s quite spectacular; thanks for sharing. I could almost feel that
    wind blowing you over; wind is wonderful…..until it isn’t. Your photos ARE good despite the blustery day. The story too – named the 12, altho’ only
    9, and now just 8. Seems apropos to the times – fake news? in the roller coaster ride of what to believe. Anyway, your shots tell it like it IS;…for
    now. Well done!

    • I guess the 9 Apostles just didn’t sound right at the time. They are spectacular despite the incorrect name.

  5. Great photos. Gorgeous place.

    • It is a beautiful place. I’m pleased the rain held off while we were there.

  6. You’ve been in my backyard Debra! I live 15 minutes from Torquay, which is where the Great Ocean Road starts. It truly is stunning and I love to take international and interstate visitors down there.

    • I had a great day with my son. I have been a couple of times and recommend the drive to anyone who comes to Australia.

  7. Spectacular indeed – the drama of the wind must have suited the scenery.

    • It certainly adds to the drama of the scenery.

  8. Absolutely spectacular Debra! I think the rainy weather made the photos even more beautiful! I have heard much about the twelve apostles but did not know their history. Isn’t it sad how often human labor and pain was used to build beautiful things?

    • It breaks my heart that these soldiers worked in this hardship straight from the war. Perhaps at the time the government thought they were doing a good thing giving them jobs, and, in a way, perhaps they were correct. Nobody had heard of post traumatic stress then.

      • Yes so true Debra. Thanks for sharing this story.

  9. Joy Thought you might enjoy this blog
    Cheers Aileen

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  11. Great shots!! They are truly spectacular – I visited for the first time myself last weekend and was amazed by the beauty and ruggedness of the landscape. Did you get a chance to check out Loch ard Gorge just down the road? It was definitely another highlight 🙂

    • That will have to be next time. We had limited time.

      • There is always next time – just another great excuse to go back 🙂

  12. Wow what a great gallery!

    • Thank you. It was a busy year.

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  14. […] visited the  Great Ocean Road with my son and we stopped at the magnificent Twelve Apostles. Even a grey day could not dampen our […]

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