Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 20, 2017

A wallaby eating a chip

On the way to the viewing platform for the Twelve Apostles on the southern coast of Victoria we spotted a wallaby. He was completely unafraid of people and left the long grass to hop towards the path.


We soon saw what he was after. Someone had thrown some potato chips to the ground.

He carefully picked up a couple and ate them, had a look around and hopped off.








He was covered in prickles, which didn’t seem to bother him.



  1. So cute but such a shame about tourists feeding Australian wild animals bread and chips.

    • I’m sure chops are not good for wallabies, but they aren’t much good for us either.

      • True. Most tourists are aware of the harm done by feeding our wild animals these days.

      • They should be, but there are many silly people about.

  2. That’s a beautiful drive – how many apostles are there now? Some get washed away & then others pop up depending on the sea and the erosion –

    • I’m not sure how many there are. Some are hidden behind others from our vantage point.

  3. LOL! That poor little guy is just covered with spiky burrs!

    • They didn’t seem to be bothering him.

  4. They are called buzzy grass here in Tassie. They are not spiky but they break up when you try to remove them, leaving hundreds of tiny seed heads that get tangled up in fur. Horrible of you have sheep – or long haired dogs like our Poppy!

    • Yuk, poor wallaby.

  5. Lovely little animals. There used to be quite a few at the Southport Yacht Club resort on Moreton Island. They used to approach people and our girls were delighted to pat them. They loved to be scratched behind the ears. Like most animals!

  6. Beautiful little creature, I love seeing our native wildlife so close even though their lack of fear must put them in danger at times. Chips are not food to be fed to animals and I’ve noticed that even when there are signs and rubbish bins are provided people leave food and rubbish lying around, pure laziness. Those burrs are horrible, we used to get similar ones stuck in our horse’s tail and mane and they would take ages to remove. What a lovely drive that must be, hope to do it one day in the not too distant future.

  7. Some people are just so ignorant, it would seem….

  8. That’s a Wallaby After My Own Heart!

  9. I hope the little wallaby’s fur is thick enough for it not to be irritated by those awful burs. I guess these little animals adapt to eating whatever is the easiest for them to get, but, really, some people do have chips for brains!

  10. Great pictures of this interesting animals. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.

  11. Ha! Planning a trip there in a few days.

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