Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 3, 2016

A snowy Helsinki stopover

I arrived in Heksinki to snow and 0 degrees…and a freezing winter wind. This didn’t stop me heading out for a late afternoon walk.



This morning saw blue sky, but the wind persisted and it was cold. Snow makes a pretty addition to rooftops and monuments.

A large pile of snow in front of the cathedral proved to be a great playground.



I didn’t think there would be any takers for the new outdoor pool in the harbour…


…but I was wrong. I saw some enthusiastic swimmers bobbing along in the water.


I enjoyed some hearty blueberry porridge for breakfast at El Fant and delicious salmon for dinner at Kappeli.



I saw some interesting shop windows.

Farewell Heksinki until next time. That will be February when I’m sure there will be even more snow.



And no leaves on the trees.




  1. The quintessential Finland – so beautiful!

  2. Enjoy your stopover!

    • I am now at the airport waiting for my plane to Hong Kong, then Brisbane. I always enjoy Helsinki.

  3. It’s so pretty – we’ve had steady rain in Vancouver but I still love this place – and this morning it’s not raining. We leave here around midnight tonight. I think I could get the hang of this travelling thing:)

    • I was happy to have snow and not rain…much better.

  4. Are you on your way back to Aussi Land…..Love the snow and winter looking scenes……Counting the months till we return to Lucca….Have been holding close to our hearts prayers for all the Italians and the countryside destroyed in recent weeks by the earthquakes. I read on a post on Slow Travel that Castellluccio on the Piano Grande is “GONE” We have wonderful memories of having lunch there twice after visiting the Piano. See you in March

    • Yes, I am heading home. The news of the earthquake damage is just awful. I feel for those who have lost their homes and their towns.

  5. Great looking salmon. Do you happen to know the temperature of the pool’s water?

    • The heated pool is 27degrees. There is also an unheated pool for the truly brave. There will be a post about the pool on Beautiful Helsinki soon.

      • Wow! 27, so I guess the only difficulty is getting in and out of it! Looking forward to the post.

  6. If you are dressed for it, a dusting of snow makes for a pretty walk.

    • I have a warm coat and the right shoes.

      • When we moved from New England to Florida I keep my winter boots and coats for just such times when traveling.

  7. I have a feeling I would love Finland.

    • I’m sure you would, it is a beautiful country.

  8. No wonder you love your stop overs in Helsinki – always so different and such a photogenic city.. The food looked delicious too.

    • The food is great in Helsinki.

  9. Thank you for your wonderful posts, Debbie – we are starting to warm up so Oz will welcome you with breezy spring/summer days! Have a good trip!

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    • Thank you for your good wishes. I am hoping it is not too hot at home. I prefer the cold.

  10. Finnland is on my bucket list.

    • It should be. The whole country is gorgeous.

  11. Helsinki looks like a beautiful city.

    • Helsinki is lovely in all seasons.

  12. Beautiful … but ouch … it looks cold … and I’m not ready for that. 😉 … hope you have a good visit!

    • There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. All you need is a warm coat, shoes and gloves.

      • LOL …. now that’s a classic line! 🙂

  13. Great shots! Winter arrived in Helsinki crazy early this year, I was not prepared at all. But at least it is a little bit lighter and brighter with the snow now.

    • I thought it was a hit early for snow, but I was happy to see it.

  14. Oh El Fant is one of the new trendy places to be. That oatmeal looks so good 😊

    • I found El Fant last time I was in Helsinki. The oatmeal is excellent.

  15. Such beautiful photos! I didn’t realise that it was already snowing in Europe! I’m headed to Italy this week-I’ll pack my warmest clothes.

    • The snow was early for Helsinki. When I left Italy on Wednesday it was still warm and sunny, but it has been raining heavily in Bagni di Lucca since I left.

  16. Lovely to see your post and the snow that fell after I left Helsinki last week. My niece and her daughter arrived there today (from Brisbane) and are revelling in their first snow experience. I also saw some of the same shop windows – the one with the pink boots and eyes!

    • I was lucky to get snow, rain was forecast. I love my visits to Helsinki and the rest of Finland.

  17. […] my way back to Brisbane I managed to be in Helsinki for the first snow of the season, lucky […]

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