Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 20, 2016

Time to go home

I have been in Italy for 4 months and it is time to return to Australia. It is always difficult to leave, but I know that I will be back in September.

I arrived in Bagni di Lucca in winter. Our little village changed in the time I have been here.

I do like winter and the scenes it brings.

Bagni di Lucca winter

Bagni di Lucca winter

Bagni di Lucca winter

The view from my balcony is always good.

Bagni di Lucca winter

Bagni di Lucca rain

My daffodils were out when I arrived. Unfortunately they were much too crowded in the pots and left no room to plant pansies and later geraniums, so now they live at Casa Debbio. I hope they put on a good show next spring.

Bagni di Lucca winter

When spring begins I can see things turning green before my eyes. I plant pansies on the bridge in front of our apartment.

Ponte a Serraglio spring

Ponte pansies

Ponte pansies

This year we had lots of rain, sometimes it seemed it would never end. At times we almost disappeared in the mist and rain.

Ponte a Serraglio rain

Ponte a Serraglio rain

Ponte a Serraglio rain

All the rain makes for a very green spring.

Ponte a Serraglio

We left very early this morning. True to form the day began with cool mists.

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

We are now in Helsinki. We arrived to warm sunshine, warmer than it has been in Italy for a while.

When I return it will be autumn…a favourite time for me.


  1. We are getting ready to leave for Bagni di Lucca. One day I hope our paths will cross. I also hope warm, dry weather will follow us to Italy.
    Thank you for keeping us connected all winter long. Best wishes for your time back home in Australia. Saluti!

    • I’m sure we will meet one day. I have lots of photos taken in the area and will continue to post while back in Australia. It helps to keep me connected as well.

  2. Have a safe trip back to Australia!
    Beautiful photos!

    • Ponte a Serraglio looks good even in the rain.

  3. Oh Debra, it’s been a joy to read your entries and follow your footsteps and enjoy the places you’ve caught on film for us. Now, have a good trip back to Australia and I hope our paths cross again soon! Love, Sondra

    • I hope we catch up soon.

  4. No lunch together even?

    Messaggio inviato dal mio ASUS

    • Time got away…next time.

  5. We are about to leave as well. The stay was too short but we met some wonderful people in our 10 days here, and the house you recommended was absolutely perfect. Hopefully we will back for our 5th visit in the not too distant future!

    • I’m pleased you liked the house…and the village. See you next time.

  6. Leaving and not even a decent lunch date? And us never invited to Casa Debbio….? Ma che vergogna……

    • Yes, I am sorry, but I will be back in September.

  7. You and Jim will be missed. Until September 😊

    • See you then. Have a great summer.

  8. As I was standing at my kitchen sink within the last hour I was thinking ” it must be about time for you to head back to Aussie land”. September will be here before you blink……I am hoping 2/24 comes just as quickly and we will be in Lucca….in time for carnival…..see you then….

    • I look forward to seeing you in February…and we have a date for Carnevale.

  9. It is so very hard to leave that beautiful village

    • It is, but I know I will be back soon.

  10. Looking forward to a catch up, welcome home.

    • Can’t wait to see your new place. See you soon.

  11. Yes I know you have had too much rain this trip but how beautiful your village looks.I remember well how fabulous the flower pots on the bridge look when you plant and tend them for the spring. I am sure you are a little sad but we are looking forward to having you back home for a while. Enjoy Helsinki and see you Saturday.X

    • It is time to do Australian things. I will miss Italy, but I do love Brisbane winter.

  12. Brings back beautiful memories for me. I’m thinking of going there for part of my honeymoon in May 2017 so that I can share the beauty of your village with Mick.

    • I hope you will come in May. We must get together when I am back in Brisbane.

  13. Looks really beautiful, Debra. Safe travels back to Australia. 🙂

    • Thank you. Even the rain can’t ruin Bagni di Lucca and our little bit of it.

  14. Beautiful pictures Debra! Always nice to check you blog!

    • Thank you. Our little village is very beautiful.

  15. What beautiful photos, Debra. I’m sure you hate to leave but how nice to know you’ll be back in no time. Very safe travels to you.

    • Yes, September will come around in no time. I am very lucky to be able to spend 6 months every year in gorgeous Italy.

  16. Aww 🙁 I feel your sadness. I love that shot that is taken of the village from above. Where is it?

    • The photos were taken from Granaiola, a village above Ponte a Serraglio. It was a very wet day.

      • It looks amazing!

  17. Dear Debra, “Bagni di Lucca” is an amazing and so beautiful place. And now, whenever I say Italy or remember, this lovely town comes to my mind… Italy means Bagni d Lucca with you 🙂 now. Beautiful photographs. Have a nice and safety voyage, and also have a wonderful Winter days in your home. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I am happy to be going home to do Australian things for a while.

  18. Wonderful photos Debra! Brings back great memories of Bagni Di Lucca! 😀

    • It is a special place. I am glad I can spend do much time there.

  19. How do you choose on any given year which seasons to spend in Italy? Is it always the same or do you mix it up?

    • I always go to Italy in February, return to Brisbane mid June, the go back to Italy September/ October/November. I don’t like summer in Italy, it is too hot and crowded and I love Brisbane winter.

      • I’m the same, I would rather be in winter in Auckland than August in Italy, much as I love Italy, the heat and people make me feel like I am suffocating. Spring and Autumn there are perfect.

  20. Wow four months sure flew by. Let us know how Helsinki was. Have a good trip back!

    • We went to Porvoo today, the boat there and the bus back. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for Porvoo.

      • Lovely, I look forward to photos! It was a beautiful day today 🌞

  21. Aren’t you really leaving one home for the other home?

    • Yes, both places feel like home to me. I like both.

  22. I love following the seasons through you photographs. I love the raindrop hung, bare branches of winter but equally I love the wonderfully vibrant green of Spring. At least we can now offer some quite cool, gold and blue colours for your camera’s eye.

    • I am hoping there will be some lovely Brisbane winter weather on our return.

  23. Gorgeous photos Debra. Safe travels and I look forward to hearing about your time back in Australia.

    • Thank you, I do like winter in Brisbane.

  24. Such beautiful images Debra. Why do you leave in Summer to return to Australian winter?

    • Summer in Italy can be very hot, and I don’t like to be hot. Brisbane winters are perfect. Most days are around 20 degrees and sunny.

  25. I can’t believe how fast time goes by…it seems like you just got there and now you are on your way home. At least you know you will be back in September. Safe travels.

    • 4 months goes very quickly, especially as we a always busy when we are in Italy. The next 3 will fly by too and I will return.

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