Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 19, 2016

Lunch with Luisito

My favourite place to eat in Lucca is Paris Boheme.  It is owned and run by the delightful Luis, front of house, and Davide, in the kitchen.

They redecorate the restaurant regularly. This is the latest. Soon there will be a new summer theme.

Paris Boheme Lucca

They change the menu often as well.

Local cheese with their own preserves is a great starter.

Paris Boheme Lucca

Ravioli with strawberries and champagne is delicious.


Paris Boheme Lucca

This one is excellent too.

Paris Boheme Lucca


The erotic salad is always on the menu.

Paris Boheme Lucca

They do great things with potatoes.

Paris Boheme Lucca

This chicken was heavenly.

Paris Boheme Lucca

Here is Luis doing his thing.

Paris Boheme Lucca

I go regularly to Paris Boheme because the food is great, an freshly prepared with what is in season…and I know I am always going to see a friendly face.

Don’t miss Paris Boheme in the Piazza Cittadella in Lucca. It is beside the statue of Puccini sitting in his chair.

You should book if you want to go in the evening…say hello to Luis.


  1. WOW! I wanted to taste them all 🙂 One day I will visit your beautiful town dear Debra. “Ravioli with strawberries ” should be delicious…. Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • The ravioli with strawberries is delicious.

  2. Will definitely visit – as you say Deb the food is great and they are both so much fun – a good find by Sandra Larkin

    • Sandra did very well indeed. I love Paris Boheme.

  3. Cant wait to visit again… Such fun and great food.

    • It is easy to see why it is my favourite.

  4. We visited several times while we were in the area and absolutely loved the food and Luis’ delightful charm. Glad to see the latest refurb and look forward to seeing your next post on their updated menu.

    • Luis and Davide are very creative with their decorating…and their food.

  5. Thanks Debra for this info…will definitely go when I am back this summer!

    • Say hello to Luis and tell him I sent you.

  6. Our lunch at Paris Boheme was wonderful, thank you for taking us there, Debra. Luis made the day extra special.

  7. OMG, that looks like a place in heaven, thank you for sharing, your images are mouth watering

    • I hope you go one day.

  8. Such a lovely spot for lunch. I love seeing Luis’s big smile.

    • It is nice to be made so welcome.

  9. Very appealing … and you’ve done a great promo!

    • I like to tell people about Luis and Davide, they are fun.

  10. Thanks so much for introducing me to this restaurant-I loved the erotic salad and you can’t beat Luis’ smiling face!.

    • He is very entertaining.

  11. Erotic salad? I’ve never seen a menu item called that before! It must be fun redecorating the restaurant!

    • It certainly invites attention.

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  14. Food with flair and good natured fun – and in Italy:) i think i might like it!

    • Luis and Davide are great fun. I like to drop in even if I am not having lunch.

  15. We love this restaurant the best food in Lucca and the nicest hosts Luis and David!!!

  16. Great find Sandra Larkin – we love it

  17. It is a delightful place with great food.

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