Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 5, 2016

Tropea, Hercules was here

Tropea is on a section of the Calabrian coast called La Costa degli Dei…the Coast of the Gods. According to legend, Hercules, upon returning from Spain, stood on the coast and named Tropea as one of his ports.

Tropea stands proudly on a rocky headland overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The colourful streets are lined with interesting shops and restaurants. It was here that we sampled our first granita, and became instant fans.


The coastline and the beaches are lovely. They have white sand and clear, blue sea.



From the edge of town is an excellent view of the Santa Maria dell’Isola which sits on a rock outcrop jutting into the sea.


Of course we had to go there. It is a long way down to the bottom of the town and a long way to the top and the church, but the view from there is worth the effort…then we had to walk down all these stairs and up all the stairs to the town.


We saw a wedding party winding its way up to the church. I think some of the guests must have been cursing the bride and groom. It was a very warm day. Even the bride didn’t look all that happy.


We spotted a well dressed wedding guest.


The little church is very pretty, especially decorated for the wedding.


Tropea is a great place to visit, it is lively, has some lovely old buildings and a great beach…what more could you want?  Tropea also has its very own onion…I will tell you about that later.


  1. What a beautiful place and photographs, fascinated me dear Debra, but do you know which one is my best 🙂 I loved this little dog, what a pose… Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • The little dog was very cute, and happy to be a wedding guest.

  2. My work colleague comes from tropea!

  3. The beaches look lovely, as do the views along the coast. Shame the bride was not enjoying the moment!

    • She was probably a bit hot and thinking about the climb to the top. I’m sure she cheered up.

  4. Wow this is a stunningly beautiful place Debra! The beaches look so pristine and the colorful buildings and mountainous green are amazing. I’m supposing this is in Sicily but not sure.

    • It is in Calabria in the south of Italy.

      • A very beautiful place Debra.

  5. Stunning coastline, recently I’m finding more an more reasons to visit Italy! Thanks!

    • Italy is full of beautiful places to visit…come now.

  6. Yet another beautiful locale in Italy. Is it fair for one place to be that incredible?! 🙂

    • There is an endless supply of gorgeous places in Italy.

  7. This location is to die for – absolutely picture perfect!

    • It is lovely, but there is better to come…Scilla.

      • Look forward to it

  8. I am really loving your articles of travelling around and the photos, as usual, are so beautiful. I still have not been any further south than Salerno but we are going to Puglia in October with Victoria and I am so excited about that! Your previous articles have also inspired me to visit Sicily, and now Calabria. Next time for sure!

    • We went to some beautiful places in Calabria, but you do need to be selective.

  9. Lovely place, I like the notion of standing above the coastline and deciding that one will claim it as one’s own – might try that:). That dog really takes the proverbial biscuit doesn’t it.

    • We could try, but I doubt it would do much good. The little dog was very cute.

  10. The little dog is so cute….
    Great post, Debra!

    • She was a very sweet little dog. I hope she enjoyed the wedding.

  11. Beautiful, as always. You take such lovely photos!

    • Thank you, it was a beautiful place.

  12. Oh my my … that church and its setting!

  13. My daughter was married in Tropea Cathedral 18 months ago – and had a spectacular wedding reception Capo Vaticano. It was quite a party!!!

    • Great spot for a wedding.

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