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Riviera dei Cedri, Calabria

On our way to Sicily we drove along the coast of Calabria. Praia a Mare is the first resort on the coast known as Riviera dei Cedri, named for the citron that grow so well in the area.

The best view of Praia a Mare is from above, looking towards Dino Island, a rocky outcrop just off the beach. In the season you can hire paddle boats to make your way around the island and explore sea caves and grottoes.


Praia a Mare

Praia a Mare


Praia a Mare

Praia a Mare

The 2 kilometre sandy beach nearby has 50 lidos in the summer. They were just being set up when we were there, so it was difficult to get a true idea of how it looks in the summer season.

Praia a Mare

Praia a Mare

The sand is a dirty brown colour, which didn’t really appeal to me. I like the idea of the Dino Island bit, but the beach was not for me. The boardwalk area is very nice and well cared for. I think a lot of people visit in summer.

Praia a Mare

There is an old castle in the distance.

Praia a Mare

There is a church with an interesting grotto quite a long way up the hill behind the town.

Praia a Mare

In the park was this fabulous tree. I’m not sure what it was.

Praia a Mare

The town was quite pleasant, with a lovely pedestrian street, which drew a reasonable crowd for passeggiata.

Praia a Mare

I think Praia a Mare is very popular with Italians in the summer time…I could feel the expectation.


  1. Hi Debra, Been reading (and voting for) your blog for a few years now. Have enjoyed your journies and love the evolution of your garden. The name of this orange blossoming tree is coral bean tree. Google it and you will see this variety via photos. It will provide botanical name, species etc. Thanks for sharing all your travels and how things are progressing along the homefront. Maureen McMinamen USA

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    • Thank you for your kind comments and telling me about the tree. It is similar to coral trees we have in Australia. It certainly was a spectacular specimen.

  2. The location of that “hanging” church reminds me of Colomini…

    • It is a bit like Eremo Calomini.

  3. Looks like a kangaroo paw to me — do they have kangaroos in Sicily ?

    • It appears to be a type of coral tree. We didn’t see a single kangaroo in Calabria or Sicily.

  4. Calabria is most beautiful, I have been there probably 38 years ago…. that fabulous tree is very common here in California… I just can’t remember it’s name

  5. The tree is a South African Coral tree (kaffir tree). Love your blogg.

    • Thank you and thank you.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful visit. The coral bean tree is wonderful, I’m thinking of planting another tree in front of my house here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is Berkeley we have cooler weather (“Scandinavian”) similar to San Francisco but not as cold, I’m wondering is such a tree would bloom in my weather? I shall Google it. Thank you Debra for including us on your travels, it brings much joy!

    • The tree is a bit like coral trees in Brisbane, but different enough to make me question it. We have seen many eucalyptus trees on our travels. I had no idea they were so widespread.

  7. Beautiful!

    • The coastline is very dramatic and the town well presented.

  8. The views are lovely but yes the beach isn’t really much of a comparison to Australian beaches.

    • We are spoiled. For me, it is not a beach without white sand and surf. I come to Italy for other things.

  9. Deb, I  just love yur posts, having a geography lesson along the way.I often think of you and our stay in Ponte e Seraglio.Lynne 

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