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Scilla and the 6 headed sea monster

Scilla was our last stop in Calabria before crossing to Sicily. It is the home of Scylla, the sea monster of Homer’s Odyssey. The town sits in a beautiful bay dominated by an impressive castle perched on a high rock, keeping watch over the Aeolian Islands.


Legend has it that the castle dates back to Ulysses who built the oldest part of the fort as a temple to honour Minerva. Since then the Byzantines, Normans, Aragonese and others have all added their touches. Its latest reconstructions were in the 13th century by Carlo of Angio, De Nara in 1421 and the Ruffo family in 1542. Today it houses a lighthouse and is used for cultural events.


Scilla is divided into 3 parts. San Giorgio is the highest and is home to public offices and facilities. (We didn’t go there) Marina Grande has a long beach edged with shops and restaurants.



We got lucky, we stayed in the most interesting section of Scilla, Chianalea. It is the ancient fishermen’s settlement and lies directly on the seashore. Much of it can only be reached on foot.



We stayed at a wonderful B&B, La Veduta, run by the delightful Nella and her husband. We had the best position, right at the top of the building, with the best view.



Take a look at the water…it is crystal clear.



Our breakfast was served on the tiny terrace hovering just above the water.



We just happened to be there when the patron saint San Rocco did his parade through the streets from San Rocco church right past the B&B and on to the church at the end of town. The photos aren’t much good. I took them from a balcony high above the street.



Scilla is gorgeous. It was my favourite place in Calabria, followed by Pizzo and Tropea. (There were some pretty ordinary places in between)

Scilla’s ย tiny streets along the edge of the sea are full of delights between glimpses of the clear blue sea. There are some very good restaurants enticing lots of people to visit.

If you go be sure to stay with Nella at La Veduta. She is a mine of information about her town, and she makes a great breakfast.


  1. Gorgeous!

    • It really is a beautiful place. We loved it.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Debra. Obviously, the right place to stay. I would kill for that terrace!

    • It was very special. There are only 3 rooms. We were the only ones there, so we had the pick of the best spots.

  3. Lovely. We are now staying on the water in Ortygia and it is stunning.

    • How wonderful! Have a granita for me.

  4. Enjoyed this post – given me some ideas!

    • Go to Scilla and stay with Nella, she’s great fun.

      • I might!

  5. Some captivating photography, great post Debra

    • Thanks, we really liked Scilla.

  6. How glorious – the night lights look quite beautiful – and what an unbelievably lovely place to have breakfast!

    • It would be lovely to sit there every morning.

  7. Saw a similar procession in Malta one year

    • I love these local festivals.

      • Yes, fascinating and so different from Auz

  8. Looks like a lovely seaside village and it is always great to stay in accommodation where the owners are helpful and enthuastic about where they live.

    • Nella was great. We would definitely stay there again.

  9. Thank you for such great pictures… You made feel as I am there next to each place!!!

    • Scilla is a gorgeous place to be…and take photos.

  10. Wow!!

  11. Looks like a fabulous setting!

    • Scilla is gorgeous…when are you going?

  12. Some wonderful photos and information. Is this the type of town you could stay for a week or more?

    • The town is tiny, but there are several good restaurants and shops. We didn’t look at the shops along the beach, but they looked interesting. You could spend a week here if you used it as a base to visit other places as well. Tropea is not far away. We wanted to go to Reggio Calabria to see the Riace Bronzes, but the museum was closed. There would a lot to do in the area and then you could come back and sit on the lovely terrace and admire the view.

  13. Those first two night photos are just magical!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • That was the view from our terrace.

  14. Such a lovely town with a fascinating history, Debra. I’d love one or both of those suits of armour to stand outside my front door. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They would certainly invite comment.

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